Xbox One SNES Emulator: Here’s How It Works


Reddit users have been reporting a trick you can use to run SNES games on Xbox One. A video tutorial through the process was available until a few hours ago, but the author then removed it fearing it could cause some legal issues to him.

Xbox One SNES Emulator

Anyway, steps are as follows (copying and pasting them from Reddit as we haven’t tried it and don’t have any connection to the process).

Step 1

Attach the games you want to play to your one drive.

Step 2

Hold shift + press right click & click open command window here.

Step 3

Type: ren *.sdf *.sdm

Step 4

Press enter

Step 5

Turn on Xbox one and open Microsoft edge browser.

Step 6

Go Here

Step 7

Press start as click use browsing controls.

Step 8

Click add rom from one drive, add each game you want to play (1 at a time)

Step 9

Click full screen

Step 10

Press start and click use game controls

Step 11

Choose the rom you want to play and enjoy

It looks like you can now have a lot of “new” games on Xbox One if you don’t really like those Microsoft is releasing lately for its latest home console. Are going to give this a try? Let us know in the comments below.