Xbox “You’re too early” error message, explained


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Image via Microsoft

Preloading is certainly one of the best parts of modern gaming, but it is not without issue. If you have been getting the “You’re too early” error message on Xbox when trying to start a game, you may have fallen victim to one of the downsides.

The “You’re too early” message will appear rarely and without explanation. It will happen when someone is trying to preload a game and attempts to play the game too soon. Where it can get just a little tricky is that sometimes your Xbox will tell you that a download is 100% completed.

While this might be true, the downloaded information has not all be stored on the hard drive yet and will actually be buffered into the temporary memory. So, the game is technically fully downloaded, but it is not yet stored on your system in a way that can be launched.

So, when you try to hit the launch button, you be told that you are too early. Normally, all you need to fix this is to wait a little while and try again, although if the problem persists then restarting the console to force the closure of any process that is holding up the show will work.