Is XCOM: Chimera Squad available on Nintendo Switch?

Can I play it on Nintendo’s hybrid console?

Is XCOM Chimera Squad available on Nintendo Switch

Image via Steam

XCOM: Chimera Squad is out in the wild, and fans of the strategy franchise are immersing themselves in this new expansion of the XCOM universe. As PC players enjoy more content in the series, Nintendo Switch owners may be wondering if they can join in on the fun.

If you’re one of those individuals, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look and see if XCOM: Chimera Squad is available on the Switch.

Is there an XCOM: Chimera Squad Switch release date?

Is XCOM: Chimera Squad available on Nintendo Switch
Image via Steam

XCOM 2 was released over four years ago now but, sadly, it hasn’t made its debut on the Switch yet. With that in mind, it’s easy to work out that XCOM: Chimera Squad isn’t available to play on Nintendo’s latest console.

As XCOM: Chimera Squad is DLC for the main game, you’d need XCOM 2 to play it. It makes sense, then, that it hasn’t received a Switch release date.

If that’s got you down, you shouldn’t worry as the XCOM 2 Collection is due to come to the Switch on May 29. This collection will include the main title, all four DLC packs, and the XCOM: War of the Chosen expansion.

Before XCOM: Chimera Squad‘s release, this was all of the content that had been produced for XCOM 2. With Switch owners finally getting their hands on XCOM 2 and its post-launch content, it’s always possible that XCOM: Chimera Squad could be released in the future.

It’s highly likely that it won’t be ported to the Switch before the year is out, but don’t be surprised to see it turn up in 2021. For now, you’ll have XCOM 2 and its additional content to tide you over.