XDefiant: Is it Down? Server Status, Explained

XDefiant is hosting its open beta, but are the servers down? Here is how to fix and see if the servers are done for the game.

XDefiant beta

Image by Ubisoft

XDefiant is the next big FPS game, giving off some serious Call of Duty vibes. The wait for the game is finally coming to an end as its open beta has started and players are hoping in from their PC and next-gen consoles. With that being said, some gamers might be having problems logging onto the server. Here’s what to know about the current state of XDefiant’s servers.

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Are XDefiant’s Servers Down?

Yes, XDefiant servers are currently down. The official XDefiant Twitter announced on June 21 that the game was experiencing server issues and that an update would be provided soon.

How To Fix XDefiant Server Errors

XDefiant beta
Image by Ubisoft

When a game first releases or goes into open beta, sometimes the servers get overwhelmed which then causes them to crash and go offline. This happens because too many players are logging on at once to play the game, and then it would be up to Ubisoft to fix it. Sometimes the way it is fixed is by taking everyone off the servers and having them wait while they roll out an update.

However, sometimes servers going down isn’t always a developer problem, sometimes it can be a gamers setup and weak internet that makes it seem this way. If a player wants to double-check that the problem isn’t their own internet, then follow the steps below.

  • Restart the router.
  • Change the DNS settings.
  • Use an ethernet cable if using Wi-Fi.

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If using all these tips listed above does not help with the situation, it is probably Ubisoft’s thing to fix. Usually in instances like this, it doesn’t take long for the developer to fix the issue and have players getting back on in no time. Simply wait patiently and keep a lookout on social media for any updates on the status of it.