Yakuza 0 Chapter 1 Walkthrough | Bound By Oath, Defeat Daisaku Kuze Boss


You will play as Kazuma Kiryu in the first chapter Bound by Oath of Yakuza 0. You will earn ¥1,000,0000 reward in the end. The chapter is long and has a lot of conversations. You will also acquire abilities in this part and learn them how to use it. The main objective of this chapter is to end Kiryu’s oath where he turns into a civilian from a Yakuza.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Bound By Oath Walkthrough

The chapter beings with Nishikiyama, as Kiryu you will spend some time with him and later on learn a lot of combat skills.

Find Nishikiyama:

Yakuza 0 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The first chapter will start after some cutscenes, your first objective is to locate Nishikiyama. Just walk straight for a while and there will be another cutscene. You will spot some thugs trying to hurt a student, help him. This will be the first fight with Street Hooligans. Follow the onscreen instruction to attack. You will see two bars on the screen one on the left is your health bar and one on the right is the money you make after this event. Just follow the key commands you will see on the screen. In the next cut scene, you will see Akira Nishikiyama.


After the cutscene, both of you will have to fight some drunkards. Now, this is like a second combat tutorial where you will learn about heat gauge. A new bar will be on the left top of the screen where you can see three lines. The three blue lines indicate your speed of fight and some moves will need a filled Heat Gauge. Once the top two bars are filled and shifts to third Kiryu’s body will glow and this means you can now use a special Heat Action. Defeat the drunkards and in the end, you will earn completion points. You can exchange these points at a temple or shrine in the open world.

Follow Nishikiyama:

Once the fight is over follow Nishikiyama and later you will meet Aging Foreigner. Talk to her and he will introduce you to the abilities menu. You can use the Yen you earned to buy ability, at the start you can go with Phoenix Spirit Ability. This ability cost 30,000 Yen and offer you a special feature where the Heat Gauge will slowly rise when you are wounded and will only till the second bar. You will also see the abilities wheel for the first time and you will go ahead with upgrades as you earn money. The better abilities you have the stronger your character is. Once you are done with the abilities follow Nishikiyama till you see a cutscene. You will see two hostesses, Nishikiyama will give them some money and he will tell you that having a pack girls makes him approachable, follow him into the bar.


After the cutscene, you will play a game of Karaoke a mini-game. You will find many of these types later. Just hit the button when you see in the screen to play the game. Next Nishikiyama will take you to visit his favorite ramen spot. In the next cut scene, you will hear that the man whom you hit to collect money died. Your next objective is to contact Dojima family.

Go To Dojima Family HQ

After the cutscene, you will have to find a Payphone, just follow the S marker on the map. Follow the pink arrow to get a taxi. If you return to the alley you will be attacked by a few hooligans. You can avoid them, just find the taxi and go to Dojima Family HQ. Next, there will be a pretty long cutscene and after that, you will find that the guy died is pretty important for the lieutenants. After getting framed for a murder the lieutenants will plan to hand you to the police. Kiryu will decide to track down the loan shark but before you will have to fight with two thugs which will introduce Rush combat style. Next defeat Bruno using this new move.

Go To Toko Credit

Yakuza 0 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Follow the marker on the map that will take you to Toko Credit building. After the cutscene, you can now access to the open world. You can enter into different buildings and do various activities. You can also mess with random people to fight, to continue with the story follow the pink arrow. It will take you to Toko Credit. You have to fight with three Toko Credit men’s and then use the elevator to go on top. Four more enemies will attack you, fight them and there will be a cutscene. You will find that one of the lieutenant – Daisaku Kuze was behind the murder conspiracy. He will tell you about an empty lot.

Go To Kazama Family Office

Once the cutscene is over go out and find a payphone, walk right and turn right at the road ends, follow the S marker on the map. Go to Kazama Family office to meet Nishikiyama. You will meet Kashiwagi, Kazama’s right hand after the cutscene meets the Dojima Family.

Go To Dojima Family HQ

Before you meet Nishiki you have to stock health items. Once you start the objective you will be following the climax of the chapter and there will be a lot of enemies in your way. You have to visit a convenience store for that, and then go to the abilities wheel and upgrade a few more. Like Power Surge 1 that will increase the power of your regular attack and Heat actions while using Rush style. After the cutscene, you will have to deal with a handful of enemies in the room. Kuze is the main boss in this chapter.

After the cutscene ends the fight with the enemies in the room, there will be around 11 of them. You can target one at a time and push them in the corner so that you can dodge an attack from behind. After the fight, end goes near the door and then fight the last man Yoneda. Before leaving this room look on the ground near the TV, you will find a Toughness Z that will grant you a lot of health. Defeat other enemies in the alley the one how has a chair in his hand is pretty tough. Dodge back when tries to hit you with it, and attack once he stops. Go up and fight more, keep exploring the rooms around for healing items. Yoneda won’t leave you easily and he will keep coming up. Cross the broken door and then take the metal stairs. You will reach a locked door, on the right, there is a window, that will take you to a toilet filled with more enemies.

Defeat them and Yoneda will appear once again, this time with a small sword. You have to watch out for this attack, it can consume a large chunk of your health. Just dodge back once you see him using the knife. He will bend backside, and then attack you. Exit the toilet and you will reach the room of the main boss Kuze.

How To Defeat Daisaku Kuze – Boss Fight

Yakuza 0 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

This the climax of the first chapter where you will face the first boss of Yakuza 0. Daisaku Kuze has two health bars, you have to attack him to finish the yellow bar first and then you have to target the orange health bar. Using Rush ability here will help you a lot, but do watch-out for Kuze’s combo attacks that can leave you stunned. He can block your attacks, you have to find an opening and then release combo punches to bring him down. The best way to dodge his attack is running to this backside, he won’t turn around to hit you. Once you bring down his yellow bar, you will see screen prompts press the keys to bringing down the yellow bar and then you can cause him higher damage. But Kuze will try to block your attacks, so bait him to attack you, dodge and attack back.

Once you defeat him there will be a long cutscene. Kiryu will be expelled from the family at the end of cutscene you will see a mysterious man approaches him, this is where Chapter 1 Bound By Oath ends. You can read our walkthrough on Chapter 2 The Real Estate Broker in the Shadows or you can also go through Yakuza 0 wiki for more updates on the game.