Yakuza 0 Ending Walkthrough | Black And White


In the Chapter 16 Proof Of Love as Goro, you will find Makimura making a deal with Sohei to kill all the three lieutenants to avenge his brother’s death. Instead, she got shot by the hitman. In this Ending Chapter of Yakuza 0, you will be playing with both the characters Kiryu and Majima. There are four main bosses in this part after which the game is over. They are Daisaku Kuze, Hiroki Awano, Lao Gui and Keihi Shibusawa.

Yakuza 0 Ending Walkthrough

Black And White Walkthrough

In the end, you will earn 300,000,000 yen after completing the chapter. You will also unlock Premium Adventure Mode, Legend Difficulty, and Climax Battles Item.

Find A Pay Phone

Sera will order his men to take Makoto to the hospital, after a short cutscene the final chapter of Yakuza 0 begins. It will begin with a cutscene where Goro is at the hospital. In the second cut-scene you will see a short meeting and then Kiryu at the empty lot. Nishikiyama will tell Kiryu that Goro is looking for Makoto. After the pager message, you will see several pin markers on the map. You will have to find a payphone. Go the S marker on the map and you will talk to Sera. Go to Sera. There will be two pink marker one will lead you to a location and second will lead you to Elder Chen.

Sera will explain things to Kiryu, next you will learn that Shibusawa is out to eliminate Kojima family as a show of strength. If Makoto wakes up then Nikkyo Consortium will take the Empty Lot. Kiryu will have to stop Dojima by making Sera successor of Tojo Clan. You will also find that Makoto is at Shibaura. Go to West Park and there you will meet Nishiki who will tell about the Dojima Family. He will tell that the family is going to the Kazama family office. A few Dojima thugs will attack you defeat them.

Go To The Kazama Family Office

Next, follow the marker where you will meet Kuze. You will have to fight him.

Daisaku Kuze Boss Fight:

You had faced him before also so you can try the same fight strategy, try using the Beast Style here. Kuze is going to use powerful attacks from the start. Through Beast Style, you can stun him easily. Next, once you attack dodge his attacks and then once again pick up things and attack him. This will give you a lot of damage. There are plenty of items on the road you can pick up and hit Kuze. Once the last health bar is left there will be a quick time event.

After defeating Kuze you will find Shibusawa at Nikkyo Consortium. Once the fight is over stock up health items before moving to the next section. You have to meet Nishiki, who will offer his help in your fight ahead. In the next cut scene, you will see Goro you will have to pick a choice you can choose Screw it, let’s do this to continue the story or you can choose Better hit the town first to stock consumable.

Next, you will see a huge ship, Shibusawa’s crew is all set to attack the boat, here Kiryu and Nishiki arrive. Here you will have to fight your way to reach Makoto. You will have to fight the group of enemies and this will be a pretty lengthy battle. Kazama family will come to support. Attack the gun-wielding first and then fight with the man who is carrying a couch. Defeat the group of enemies inside and then moves to the next room.

As you move inside the door take Toughness Infinity, you will have to fight the next group in the next hallway. Before you exit the door grab the Stamina Royale. Nishiki will offer to distract the attackers and you will have to deal with Shibusawa. You will be facing a huge enemy here, Beast Style will be the best pick against him. It will be a like a mini-boss but not that strong.

Once done defeating the giant one there will be a small cutscene you will see Shibuwasa is all set to take Makoto, you will enter into the next area of fight where you will face more of his men. Take down the guy with barrel first, then go up. You will see a few enemies and then a few others who will be shooting you from distant. Run towards them first and ignore the one in the front. Take cover around and defeat them first. You can use the Rush stability to attack them. Your aim is to take down the gunmen first.

In the next phase you will be facing a bit tougher enemies, so use the Beast Style and pickup the chairs to attack them. You will see all three health bar below. Go up and you will get Toughness Emporer and Staminan Spark. Go on the top to complete this section.

You will now play as Majima who is going after the Dojima Family. Fight with the first group of enemies to reach the next room. Fight with three enemies inside, and take the door that takes you to the next hallway. Fight the guys on the stair and go on top. Keep moving ahead till you reach a place where you open a door and you will see a gunman shooting you. You have to get out of the doorway to dodge the bullets. Next fight with three enemies in outside hall and then take out the gunman. Go to the next hall, and fight with large group of enemies. Fight another gunman and then deal with the remaining ones. In the next room, you will have to fight two gunmen and one giant enemy. Fight the gunmen first and then take out the big one. Look on the left to get Staminan Royale. Take the stairs to go to the next section.

Ending Boss Fights

Tips To Defeat Hiroki Awano – Boss Fight

Go with slugger style to deal with Awano. You can take advantage from the fast movement and you can easily beat him down. You have to attack and break his block. A good kick can throw him off the ground. You can use the Beast style to hit him with a heavy object. This one does not has a really high health. And it is pretty easy to kill also, the attacks are not that strong and swift. Once the last part of the health bar is left there will be a quick time event. Once you finish him Lao Gui will arrive.

Tips To Defeat Lao Gui – Boss Fight

Similar to the previous fight you can begin with Slugger style here. It is pretty easy to break his defense, you will see some keys reflected on the screen that will help you to prevent his attacks. If you fail you will face a high amount of damage. Lao Gui has blades in this hand like Wolverine. Try using the big objects around and use Beast Style to bring him down. Watchout for his power attacks. Sohei will try to shoot Goro which will be intervened by Sohei. This will be a long fight.

Tips To Defeat Keihi Shibusawa – Boss Fight

You will switch to Kiryu after a short cut scene, the doctor will take away Makoto and you will now fight as Kiryu. Use Rush Ability in the first section of the fight, Shibusawa will be a quick attacker and very hard to dodge. As he is the main boss he will have a lot of better abilities then your character. You can fill your heat gauge by using Rush Mode. And then use the dodge ability. After some part of the fight is over there will be a quick time event.

Both of you will fall down a level, there will be a lot of chairs around. You can know to use the Beast Style and use the chairs to attack Shibusawa. By using the furniture around you can pull out a huge amount of his health.

There will be another quick time event, you have to now make your way to the upper level. Shibusawa will be more stronger know, so you can use Brawler style against him. Once his health is close to empty there will be a another quick time event. Just execute the buttons properly to end the fight and watch the final cut scene.

As Kiryu defeats Shibusawa there will be one last cut scene which conclude Yakuza-0. For more similar tips and guides on the game, you can read our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide.