Yakuza 0 Chapter 9 Walkthrough | Ensnared, Daisaku Kuze Boss


Goro Majima tried saving Makimura in the Chapter 8 Tug of War but he failed. Chapter 9 Ensnared the story shifts to Kazuma Kiryu. This one is a very short chapter. Here as Kiryu, you will be dealing with a lot of Dojima thugs, you have to fight with a whole crowd and then face Daisaku Kuze once again.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 9 Walkthrough

Ensnared Walkthrough

In the end, you will earn 50,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Find The Place To Hide

There will be a short cutscene, and then Kiryu’s story continues from the highway where he broke his terms with Akira Nishikiyama. Back in the city Yakuza is searching for Kiryu so the first thing you will do is find a good hiding spot because the thugs will burn your old apartment. Go to Kazama Family office which is located on the south-end part of the map. Look for Tenkaichi Street. You will meet Reina here.

Go To Serena

Next, go to Serena bar and swing from the back of the building. Take the stairs up and there will be a cutscene. Some Dojima thugs will arrive on the place beat them. Kiryu will leave a message for Nishiki. The fight with thugs will continue outside, you will be facing a big group outside. Use the beast style to hit multiple thugs and bring them down. Once you beat a few of them you will find weapons. You can use it in the fight using the Beast Style.

Once the entire Dojima clan corner you will see Kuze, this is the third and last time you will be fighting with him. Along with him, you will be fighting with many other thugs. Using beat style will be really effective here.

Tips to Daisaku Kuze – Boss Fight:

Kuze will be accompanied by many other thugs around it is best to play safe. Go a bit back and let them attack you, don’t get surrounded or else you will be attacked from all corners. Kuze will release really strong punches on you that you will not be able to handle. Take the thugs one by one and then go for Kuze. With right combos, Kuze can fall on the ground and then you have enough time to hit others. Try finding up a heavy object around and use the beast mode to cause high damage. This will be your savior. With few right hits, you can easily beat Kuze.

Once you are done with the fight, Tachibana will arrive and he will save you from Yakuza. He will take you to an empty parking garage where Oda will also join. This completes this chapter, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 10 A Man’s Worth or you can also or you can also read our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide for more updates on the game.