Yakuza 0 Chapter 4 Walkthrough | Proof of Resolve


After playing as Goro Majima in Chapter 3 A Gilded Cage, in this chapter Proof of Resolve you will continue playing as Goro Majima, this chapter has an Escort Battle objective where you have to save a girl from getting killed by Yakuza.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Proof of Resolve Walkthrough

You will continue playing as Majima and go a bit in the flashback, completing this chapter will reward you 3,000,000 yen.

Meet Sagawa:

Once wake up after the cutscene, go to Grand Cabaret. After while you have to meet Sagawa at the Ashitaba Park. Sagawa will compel you to kill Makota Makimura, return back to your apartment first. Rest until morning for the next objective.

Find And Kill Makota Makimura:

Follow the marker that will lead you to Telephone Club, collect Pocket Tissues from the girl outside and then talk to the employee inside. The next cutscene is about a call to Akko a college student. After completing the call exit the club and you will meet Mr. Libido, just talk to him and follow the marker. After meeting Akko at the bridge go to Sushi restaurant. You will learn something about Makimura here, next go to Arcade. Fetch some soft toys from the claw machine and then go to Disco. On your way you will meet some kids with dancing competition, here you will learn Break fighting style. Go to the Disco Club, and then there will be a fight where you can test this new move. After the fight, Akko will tell you about Makimura’s location – Hogushi Kaikan.

Go To Hogushi Kaikan Massage:

Follow the marker and pretend to be client once a blind masseuse finds you snooping around. Talk to the girl while taking a message until the boss arrives. After spotting Majima’s sword there will be a fight, the boss looks big but he is not tough to beat. Once you drain out almost half of the health there will be a quick time event, just finish the objective to beat him. You will learn that the man was not Makimura, instead, the blind girl is and there will be some Yakuza you will have to fight them also. Next, follow the kidnappers.

Find The Kidnapped Girl:

Just go on the street and you will see Yakuza taking the girl into a car, fight them to free her and then a escort mission will start.

Take The Girl And Run

In this mission if you are spotted you will have to fight Yakuza, you have to fight the enemies and keep the girl safe. You will see the girl has a health bar, you have to ensure that it remains filled up. The mission will be over once you had successfully escorted the girl without fighting enemies. Use the people around to hide, and keep looking the minimap for enemies around. You can see patrol routes that you have to avoid and try to stay covered in the hiding spot. Once you are on the last spot try to escape only when the Yakuza has turned their back, there will be two quick time events. After a while you will see Yakuza has entered the street, you will have to take them out from behind. Here you will be playing two quick time actions and take the men down.

For the final cutscene, you have to fight some men that will finally ambush you when you are done escorting the girl. The cutscene ends where Majima draws out his sword on the girl. You can read our walkthrough on the next Chapter 5 An Honest Living or you can also read our Yakuza 0 wiki for more updates on the game.