What do costumes do in Yoshi’s Crafted World? | How to equip Costumes

Costumes are a new mechanic that has been added into the Yoshi series for the first time in Yoshi’s Crafted World.

They can be found throughout the world in the multiple vending machines, with each one asking for a set amount of coins to get a random design to attach to your colored Yoshi— but what exactly are they used for?

Well for starters, costumes are effectively wearable shields that Yoshi can wear in levels to help him survive for longer periods. It is something perfect for beginners as it gives them a few extra attempts in each level while also offers some extra protection for completionists looking to finish a world with all 20 hearts.

To go about equipping any costume, you might have come across; you need to open up the main menu of the overworld by pressing the + button on the Nintendo Switch controller. You will then find the “Costumes” tab in the menu and can select it, bringing up a new menu. From there, choose any costume you want your Yoshi to wear.

It is worth noting that you might need to get used to doing this. When your costume gets destroyed in a world, you need to go back into the menu and re-select it to regain your shield, so don’t forget to go about doing this before rushing ahead!