The Best Skills to use in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (2021)

Looking for the right Skill?

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Even though you may be rolling with a top-tier deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, don’t forget about equipping a Skill to that specific build. Skills in Duel Links are special abilities that can be used either before or during a duel. Each Skill has its unique ability, with some of them being character-exclusive, while others are more common and can be utilized by multiple Legendary Duelists.

If you’re looking for a new Skill, you might be wondering which ones are the best to use in Duel Links. Let’s go over our picks, as well as go over decks that go well with each.


  • Available characters – Multiple
  • Recommended deck builds – Multiple

If you’re tired of bricking in duels on the opening draw, the Balance Skill should be able to help you out. Balance allows Duel Links to “fix” their opening hand, as the duelist who uses this Skill will open up with four cards that are reflective of the deck. To illustrate, if your deck has several Monster, Spell, and Trap cards, you will essentially be guaranteed to open up with at least one of each.

This skill works with many deck types, including the Noble Knight archetype, as that one relies heavily on Noble Knight Monsters and Equip Spell Cards. However, for this skill to activate, Duel Links players must have at least six Monsters, six Spells, and six Traps in the deck.

See You Later!

  • Available characters – Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD)
  • Recommended deck builds – Multiple

See You Later! can only be used with Mokuba Kaiba’s Dark Side of Dimensions character, so if you plan on using this Skill, make sure you have Seto’s younger brother unlocked. See You Later! is a Skill that can be activated once per duel. When activated, the turn duelist can bounce one monster that’s on his or her side of the board, and bring it back to hand.

This skill is great to use in decks that tend to flood the field with Monsters, including Ritual Beast and even Fur Hire builds, but could use some free space on the board every now and then.

Destiny Draw

  • Available characters – Yami Yugi
  • Recommended deck builds – Multiple

In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters show, the protagonist, Yami Yugi, also made sure to believe in the heart of the cards. Duel Links players can do the same thing with Destiny Draw, a Skill that seemingly replicates the Pharaoh’s uncanny ability to draw whatever card was needed to get out of a jam. Destiny Draw allows the turn player (once per duel) to draw a specific card from the deck, rather than just a random one sitting on top of the deck.

This skill is compatible with many different builds, but there are two prerequisites. The first is that Yami Yugi must be the set character since he is the only Legendary Duelist who has this skill. Second, you must have at least 2000 LP or less to activate the Destiny Skill. This might be tough to do against decks that like to go for a one-turn kill (OTK), so you might want to pack some protection, to stay alive and activate your skill.

Masters of Destiny

  • Available characters – Sartorius Kumar
  • Recommended deck builds – Desperado Barrel Dragon

Traditionally, you would only have a 50/50 chance of calling a flip of a two-sided coin correctly. In Duel Links, however, you do have the opportunity of making sure that you hit on every coin flip. Sartorius Kumar’s Masters of Destiny skill, which plays off the Arcana Force EX archetype, is a powerful ability that allows the user to allow to flip a coin three times and hit Heads every time.

This Skill can only be used for the first three times a coin is flipped, but it’s very valuable for deck builds that utilize coin flips. Desperado Barrel Dragon, Twin-Barrel Dragon, Time Wizard, and Cup of Ace are just a few cards that benefit greatly from this skill.

Cyber Style

  • Available characters – Zane Truesdale
  • Recommended deck builds – Cyber Dragon

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series, Duel Academy’s Zane Truesdale vaulted to the top of his class thanks to his smarts and his Cyber Dragon-themed deck. Cyber Style, a Zane-exclusive skill, can be a big boost to Duel Links players who want to use some of Zane’s cards. Cyber Style allows the turn duelist, if LP is at 2000 or below, to summon at least two Proto-Cyber Dragon cards on the field. If LP is below 1000 LP, three Proto-Cyber Dragons will be summoned onto the field.

This skill does come with some drawbacks, namely the requirement needed to activate it, plus the fact that these Proto-Cyber Dragon cards can’t attack or be tributed. However, Proto-Cyber Dragon, which changes its name to Cyber Dragon when on the field, can be used to Fusion Summon any Cyber Dragon fusion monsters, including Cyber-Twin Dragon, Cyber-End Dragon, and Chimeratech Rampage Dragon.

Ultimate Dragons

  • Available characters – Seto Kaiba (DSOD)
  • Recommended deck builds – Blue-Eyes

Thanks to the introduction of the Blue-Eyes Evolution Structure Deck, many Duel Links players have wanted to roll out builds that revolve around Seto Kaiba’s ace monster. If you also want to go with a Blue-Eyes deck, the Ultimate Dragons Skill, which can only be used by Seto Kaiba, might be for you. The Ultimate Dragons skill allows a duelist to add Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to the Extra Deck before the duel. Additionally, once per duel, the player can activate the skill when two Blue-Eyes White Dragons are in hand, and add a Polymerization card to the hand from outside the Main Deck. This option becomes available at Turn 3 and onward.

This skill has several benefits, as Polymerization can be added to the hand without drawing it, plus the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons can be quite helpful. It does have its drawbacks, though, as you need to wait to activate it, but with the right build (including a bunch of White Stone cards), you should be just fine.

Note: This list is as of January 19, 2021.