Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: What is the date of the next KC Cup?

The second one of 2021 is nearing closer.

Image via Konami

The last Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Kaiba Cup (KC) Cup took place in mid-February 2021. The KC Cup typically lasts around two weeks, with ten days devoted to qualifiers, followed by a three-day Stage 2 in which players compete for the top spot in their respective region. Now that February has come and gone, it’s now time to look ahead towards the next KC Cup. And, we have a date for the next one.

Konami announced on March 10 that the next KC Cup will take place from April 6-April 19. This means that you should expect Stage 1 to wrap up on April 16, and Stage 2 should start on April 17.

Screenshot from Gamepur

For this KC Cup, the opening rank will depend on where you finish in the Ranked Season that ends on March 31. The breakdown goes as follows:

  • Rookie & Bronze – DLv. 1
  • Silver – DLv. 3
  • Gold – DLv. 5
  • Platinum – DLv. 7
  • Legend & King of Games – DLv. 10

Players who start at a level higher than DLv. 1 will receive all of the rewards that are for previous ranks. For example, if you start at DLv. 7, you will receive all the rewards from DLv. 2 through DLv. 6.

If you hit King of Games for the season that ends on March 31, you will automatically qualify for Stage 2. However, you can still compete and try to DLv. 20, the level that needs to be hit for non-KOG players to qualify for Stage 2.