Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to earn EXP and level up characters fast

Looking for some tips to level up?

Acquiring EXP in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is extremely important. Not only can EXP help level up your character quickly, but it also will help you in compiling Gems, and even cards that are only available through level-ups. If you’re struggling with earning EXP in Duel Links, here are a few tips that can help guide you to gaining points in no time.

Auto-duel often

In order to level up your character in Duel Links, you will have to battle others in duels. Players can either duel in online action, or offline against CPU duelists, to gain EXP. The former is a good way to pick up experience once you’ve found a deck that works for you, but new players should focus on offline games for a few reasons.

For one, you gain more EXP for wins than losses, so it makes sense to pile up wins against AI duelists to start out. Second, dueling CPU duelists can be a quick and efficient way to pick up experience, if you do a few things. When taking on CPU duelists, make sure to check the auto-duel box to have the AI battle for you. This will shorten the time of battle.

Additionally, set the duel rewards via the Reward Multiplier to x2 or x3, preferably the latter. This will give you two or three times the EXP, just for one duel. This will take more available duelists off the area, meaning that you will need to use Orbs to re-spawn them, or wait a few hours to come back. However, it will give you more experience at one time, thus saving some time in the process.

Look for multiplier EXP events

One other tip that we have for you is to look for multiplier EXP events. About once per month, a special Duel Links event will take place, and this typically lasts a few days. During this event, Duel Links will receive more EXP per duel than usual. How much more EXP exactly? Usually, players will receive around 1.5x EXP per duel, depending on the outcome.

Make sure to get as many online and offline duels in during this time period as you can. Doing so will expedite the process of acquiring EXP.

Outside of these tips, other things that you can do to gain EXP include:

  • Take on The Vagabond when he appears
  • Participate in special events (i.e. Character-themed events, Duel Carnival, etc.)
  • Battle in PvP once you acquire enough cards to build an archetype-themed deck