Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to unlock Reginald ‘Shark’ Kastle in the Shark Attack: Numbers Appear! event

The Shark is back in Duel Links.

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A new event for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links went live on January 5, one that will give players a chance to unlock Reginald ‘Shark’ Kastle as part of a new event-exclusive reward. Players will have the opportunity to duel one of Yuma’s famed rivals, acquire the Number 47: Nightmare Shark Xyz card, and get the chance to use the Shark in Duel Links online play. But before Shark can be unlocked, players will need to need to complete a few missions first.

How to unlock Shark Kastle in the Shark Attack: Numbers Appear!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links players will need to complete four challenges to get through this event, and three to unlock Reginald ‘Shark’ Castle. First off, head to the ZEXAL world and watch the opening cutscene. Then, head to the Gate area and click on the bubble of Shark Kastle. Select it, and then duel and defeat the Lv. 10 version of Shark.

Once that is completed, you will have access to the Shark Attack: Numbers Appear! event. In this event, Duel Links users can rack up Number Reports by competing in online and offline duels. Number Report will be needed to battle Shark at the Gate. Dueling him at the Gate will yield reward cards and Points, which will be required to unlock Shark.

Additionally, Numbers Reports can be obtained by dueling Possessed Duelists at the Gate area. These special duelists will appear after the second challenge is completed.

There are three challenges that will need to be completed in order to unlock Shark, and those missions are as followed:

  • 1st Challenge – Defeat Lv. 20 Possessed Shark in the ZEXAL world (Can be found in the Gate area)
  • 2nd Challenge – Collect 150,000 Points in the Shark Attack: Numbers Appear! event and then defeat the Possessed Duelist (Can be found in the Gate area)
  • 3rd Challenge – Defeat Lv. 50 Raging Shark, who can be found outside Gate area (Went live on January 7 at 00:00)

Keep in mind that the third challenge that will allow players to unlock Shark will not be made available until January 7, so be patient.