Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Primo event (March 2021) – How to battle him, rewards, and more

A noble character arrives in Duel Links.

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A few weeks after Antinomy was made available to Duel Links players via a special event, a new 5D’s character has popped up. Primo, one of the Nobles in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, arrived to Duel Links on March 18 as a roaming duelist. This new event offers a bevy of new rewards, plus the chance to take on Primo himself. With that said, let’s go over what you need to know about this new event.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Primo event (March 2021)

First off, let’s point out that you will not be able to unlock Primo in this event. However, players will have the chance to get rewards by facing Primo. Primo will pop up at random times, so keep an eye out for any notifications that he’s available for a duel. When he does show up, go to 5D’s Duel World to take him on.

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All battles against Primo will use Turbo Duel rules. In case you don’t know, here are how counters work in Duel Links Turbo Duels:

  • One to three Speed Counters are added during the Standby Phase of each turn (number increases by one each turn)
  • One Counter is added for a Normal Summon
  • One for a Synchro Summon.

The EX Skill for this event is the Clear Mind skill. Here are the effects for this skill:

  • Remove 3 – One Synchro Monster you control will become a Tuner Monster until the end of the turn.
  • Remove 5 – Play one Tuner Synchro Monster in Defense Position from your Graveyard.
  • Remove 7 – Play one Level 2 or lower Synchro Monster in Defense Position from your Extra Deck.
  • Remove 9 – Play one Synchro Monster that uses a Synchro Monster as its Synchro Material from your Graveyard.

Primo Event rewards

Here are some of the rewards you get as part of a random drop:

  • UR – Labyrinth of Kline (Trap)
  • UR – Ally of Justice Core Destroyer (Monster)
  • SR – Genex Ally Volcannon (Monster)
  • SR – Dimension Fortress Weapon (Monster)
  • SR – DNA Transplant (Trap)
  • R – Divergence (Trap)

You can also earn some of these rewards by facing some of Primo’s Ghosts that can be found around Duel Links 5D’s world.

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Additionally, you can assure yourself some of these cards completing these objectives throughout the event:

  • Win one duel against Primo (reward is Divergence)
  • Win three duels against Primo (reward is Dimension Fortress Weapon)
  • Win seven duels against Primo (reward is Genex Ally Volcannon)
  • Play 15 duels against Primo (reward is Labyrinth of Kline)

This event will expire on March 25 at 12:59 AM EST.