ZOMBI PC Error Guide: Fix For Freezing, Crashes, Black Screen, Game Progress Not Saving, Resolution & More


Every game has some issues with the initial launch. This minute errors can be either by some bugs or improper installation or a genuine issue. With the release of Zombi, the users were facing some issues such as Back screen errors, Windows 10 issue, Game Freezing and lagging, Steam, and in-game crashes. So here is the guide with all the solution to these issues.


Before we begin, make sure your computer is not affected with any virus and meets all the system requirement of the game. The game crashes can usually cause due to the system not meeting the game’s minimum requirement. If you are sure that your system is clean and meets the game’s requirement then your error might be genuine.

How to Fix The Black screen issue after Ubisoft Logo in Zombi:

If you are facing the black screen issue then you should check the game files and get it validated with Uplay. If that doesn’t work then you need to upgrade your graphic card driver and if you are using SLI/Crossfire then disable it. When you start the game try with Window Mode first(recommended).

How to fix the saving Game Progress issue in Zombi:

For some reason the Zombi game lacks the Auto Save function. If you want to save the game then you need to go to Sleep in your safe house. All you Hard worked game progress ends up on your bed so when you are on the bed you will notice a flashy “save” tool tip. Here is all about saving games.

How to Fix the Missing lens effect in Zombi:

There can be only two reasons why you are now able to enter the Lens mode. First is if your PC is very close to the minimum requirement then you might not able to use the full functionality of the lens mode. The second reason can be that you character isn’t wearing any Lenses for now.

How to fix the Game crash in Zombi

When you fall in basement:

There is a bug in the Ubisoft’s Uplay Overlay. This can be the only reason you are facing the issue. To fix this go to settings and Disable the Steam Overlay.

When you go back where you were first killed:

You need to turn of the DSR and wait until it turns on again after your play past. This will stop showing you the game crash message “Zombi has stopped working” and it will be fixed.

When you Link to your Steam account:

The game crashed as you link your Uplay account to Steam because of the minimum system requirement of your PC. It drastically darkens the game settings(effects). It is good to play it unlinked with steam as it burdens the current settings.

How to fix the Fail game launch in Windows 10 for Zombi

The Zombi game is having some compatibility problem with Windows 10. So sometimes the game fails to run or starts and minimizes every time you try to launch it. To fix this issue, You can try running the Game in Windows 7 compatibility. Right Click the “Zombi.exe” and select properties, go to compatibility tab and select Windows 7 or try to do it with task manager after launching. This should fix the issue with Fail game runs.

How to Fix the HDTV resolution Display in Zombi:

If you don’t find the correct HDTV display you want then try running the game in window mode at 1080p and save the game. Now go to options and you will find your desired HD display resolution listed.

How to fix the Progress past issue for Uplay in Zombi:

Sometimes when you try to save, the game doesn’t save and moves to the next scene. To end the save loop, Go to your save games in Ubisoft Game Launcher files(C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game LaunchersavegamesRandomNumbersHere) and delete the file(take a backup first). If this also doesn’t work then you need to delete the latest progress(C: Users(username)Saved GamesUbisoftZombiUPlayer_0).

These were the most common issues/error in Zombi so far. If you have any more errors do post them here in the comments below.