How to get a diamond sword in Minecraft Dungeons

An iconic sword for any adventurer

Minecraft Dungeons

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There are three different rarity types in Minecraft Dungeons, and the best are unique types. These are rare drops in the game, and they have a specific name, such as the Dark Katana or a Diamond Sword. The Diamond Sword is one of those unique items available in the game, and they’re extremely viable when you reach the final difficulty of the game, Apocolypse. 

Unfortunately, you won’t find a unique weapon, or any piece of equipment, off a particular spawn. It doesn’t drop from a specific boss, or in a specific chest at the end of a dungeon. The only option available to you is to try and farm for it on any of the available missions where you can regularly find swords dropping. While the Apocolypse difficulty has the highest chance of a unique item, it can drop anywhere you can loot a sword.

Here is where you can loot a sword in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Creeper Woods
  • Creeper Crypt
  • Pumpkin Pastures

You can find it on any of the earlier levels. All of the difficulties in Minecraft Dungeons feature the same table, but the harder you make the difficulty, the better chance you have to find higher-quality loot. Players have noted they have a higher chance of finding unique items in Creeper Woods, but you can find a variety of chests and secrets inside Creeper Crypt. All of the locations listed above are viable locations, nonetheless.