All Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons Skins Ranked

Dungeons & Dragons has come to Minecraft, and players can embrace the adventure by dressing up in one of 12 amazing skins.

Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons is a charming crossover between two iconic behemoths of nerd-dom. Because of this marriage between concepts, players now have skins from Wizards of the Coast for Minecraft – something that up until now had to be hand-crafted my talented fans online.

While there are plenty of Dungeons & Dragons-themed skins out there, nothing fits like the real article. So unless you want to prance around the lands as Steve with a wizard hat on, let’s introduce you to the race skins available in the Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC skins, all ranked for convenience.

12. Barbarian

The Barbarian has a pretty standard array, which looks like leather armor all around. Quite obviously a human, this is a good skin to use if you want to get into the class you’re playing. We can’t tell if the black on their head is hair or a hat, but that’s the neat thing about pixelated or low poly skins, they’re more or less open to interpretation when it comes to the details.

11. Fighter

The design for the Fighter is great, mostly because it looks like they’re about to be used as human cannon fodder. They’re armed to the teeth, with what’s likely thick leather armor covering their every side. They also have cute rosy cheeks, which is an added-on tiny detail that I appreciate.

10. Paladin

This Paladin looks to be an elf of some sort, which can make it a great choice for anyone wanting to get more custom as to what race they are in their playthrough for the DLC. Otherwise, the armor is very blue and grey, looking to be made of metal with a few golden accents here and there. The only thing they seem to be missing is the helmet, but that won’t stop players from just grabbing one later.

9. Warlock

The Warlock is complete with robes and detailed shading all around. Their eyes even match the necklace and belt on their outfit, which is a nice added detail. If you look closely, you can even see what looks like a potion bottle on their left hip.

8. Wizard

The Wizard has a flattering color pallet as a skin for Minecraft, with a deep green that has shading throughout the hat and robes. Even the eyes have shading, and the boots and hair have good detail to them as well. The hat is big enough, which makes it a complete wizard in my book. The white and orange parts of their robe even match the color palette substantially well.

7. Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is an adorable Tiefling, full of color and detail. This one will likely be a crowd favorite for sure, with added detail like the bracelet on their left arm, and a bracer on the right. The robes are fashionable and add to the bright array of colors very well.

6. Ranger

The Ranger has a little bit of variance in clothing among all the skins, being the only one to have a scarf around their mouth. The rest of the outfit is adorned by leather and cloth, the colors mixing well with each other in contrast to the blue skin. The ranger also has a headband on their head, which adds another layer of interesting detail to the design.

5. Monk

The Monk is one of the best skins in this bundle, with a simple design and a color pallet that sticks out. The white hair matched their white robes, with design details abundant right down to the wrappings around the Monk’s hands, ones that show the detail that at least the thumbs are exposed. The red eyes pop, a detail that favorably breaks the color pattern in a cool way.

4. Druid

The Druid is sure to be a favorite because of the attention to detail, from the leaf crown to the design of the armor. The colors all mix well, the hair matching the Druid’s robes, while the rest of the outfit looks like a combination of vines and leaves coming together. The green in their eyes stands out as well, being a tad brighter than the green on the rest of the outfit, if you look closely.

3. Cleric

The Cleric has a light color pallet that compliments what looks to be blonde hair. The hood is detailed, covering the hair noticeably enough to be instantly recognized as one. The center design looks to be a sun, and the design on the outside of the robe is meant to indicate that it’s draping despite being all in 2D.

2. Bard

The Bard is probably one of the more unique designs in the entire roster of skins you get from the DLC. The design is everywhere, just as unique as a Bard would be, with a stylish hat and glasses to match a vest and mismatching sleeves. Even though the shoes are purple, it’s a design that’s meant to stick out just as you’d think a Bard would.

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1. Rogue

The Rogue is one of the best character designs we have for the DLC. Everything about their design works, whether you’d like to imagine that blue on top as a head of hair or a hood. The leather armor is detailed in the boot and torso area, mixed with cloth that adds some matching color. It’s all so subtle, something that fits the Rogue to a T. Not to mention, the detail with the slight cheek blush and the dark eyes is a fantastic one that sets it apart as a simple yet memorable design.