My Time at Sandrock Multiplayer Exclusive Preview – Exploration at its Best

My Time At Sandrock introduces a multiplayer feature that combines the best aspects of the game with a sandbox world.

My Time At Sandrock Multiplayer Preview

Image via Pathea

My Time At Sandrock is quickly approaching its full release date after over a year in early access, and the game is a brilliant example of what a slice-of-life title can become. Set in the same world at My Time at Portia, players have the chance to explore a vast, western-inspired world filled with challenges – and now is can be experienced with friends.

In an exclusive preview with the Pathea team, Gamepur had the opportunity to explore My Time at Sandrock’s upcoming multiplayer features. While very different from the linear, single-player RPG most are familiar with, it opens a slew of new possibilities and only adds extensive positives to an already amazing title.

My Time at Sandrock’s Multiplayer is Collaboration At Its Best

My time at sandrock digging site (1)
Image via Pathea Games

Players jumping into My Time at Sandrock will immediately notice some big changes to playstyle. After joining a server hosted by the Pathea Games team, fans will create their character alongside anyone who is playing with them. From there, they are transported to Sandrock minus the major storyline from single-player.

With all single player storylines and quests removed, players are free to explore Sandrock together, taking on sandbox-style solo and group quests that can be activated throughout the area. This includes building out your group workshop, crafting beds, adding buildings, and unlocking dungeons.

Builders in a multiplayer server share resources, funds, and many quests with each other. This requires every person to participate and think carefully about how their actions affect the group. The collaboration adds elements to My Time at Sandrock that were never present before, and creates a sense of community when deciding where to place buildings or decorations, as well as what resources to focus on acquiring.

My Time at Sandrock’s Dungeons Are Best In Multiplayer

My Time at Sandrock
Image via Panthea Games

My Time at Sandrock’s multiplayer mode shines when exploring dungeons. The previously lonely dives into dark, enemy-infested ruins become a fun, if challenging, treasure hunt with friends. Additionally, players have a backup in combat, and there is a better ability to obtain large quantities of resources while in the dungeon.

However, all My Time at Sandrock players included in dungeon parties will want to ensure they have full stamina to make the most of each run, as there are plenty of objects to dig up that will be costly – like extra large copper nodes.

Additionally, certain quests and objectives will be harder than what is seen in single-player. Because of this, while players can hop on and play their multiplayer server at any time, it is best to coordinate quest efforts and other projects for when all players are present.

My Time at Sandrock Multiplayer Open Beta

To test out the multiplayer functions, My Time at Sandrock players will have the chance to jump in on an open beta spanning from July 24, 2023 through launch.

To opt in, players will need to launch their game and then select the Multiplayer Mode to get started.

During this time, fans can explore the features that have been added or changed to accommodate the multiplayer functionality before the game’s full launch September 26, 2023. Fans can also learn about the decision to include multiplayer in My Time at Sandrock via a blog post shared on the game’s Steam page in May 2023.


The opportunity to enjoy multiplayer functionality in My Time at Sandrock is a wonderful idea that has been thoughtfully executed. While very different from the base game, it adds a whole new element that fans of sandbox-style gaming are sure to love. It reminded me specifically of the joy I get playing on sandbox server in Minecraft, but with the vibrant colors and character customization that Pathea’s games offer to fans.

Overall, the multiplayer option makes My Time at Sandrock even more enjoyable, and I look forward to spending dozens of hours building and exploring with friends when the game launches in full this fall.