All Romance Characters in My Time at Sandrock

Meet all the hotties you can date in My Time at Sandrock with this guide to all romanceable characters in the game.

Gift Guide in Sandrock

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Sandrock’s townfolk are the real star of the show. My Time At Sandrock wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it didn’t give us a chance to romance all these hotties.

During all three acts of the game, you’ll meet a ton of romanceable characters. Though they’ve all got a job in town, they can still spare some of their time to date you, a newbie builder who keeps gifting them raw building materials. Somehow, these people have decided to put up with your shenanigans, so that must mean you’ve got a chance to romance them. In this guide, we’ll go over all the marriage candidates in My Time at Sandrock, how to date, marry them, and divorce them.

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All Bachelors in My Time at Sandrock

Bachelors My Time at Sandrock
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AppearanceRomance CandidateCharacter DescriptionWhy You Should/Shouldn’t Date Them
 Arvio Owner of By the Stairs, a furniture shop. Why settle for less when you can have the hotter sibling, Amirah? Arvio’s just a slimy, immature letdown. 
 Burgess Runs Water World, the supplier of water in Sandrock. Passionately devoted to their community and deeply religious. 
 Ernest Reports on Logan’s crimes as a writer. A pampered, charming wordsmith from abroad. 
 Fang Tends to the wounded with experimental medicine. A slow burn romance that’s meticulously explored. 
 Justice Protects the residents as My Time at Sandrock’s sheriff A vigilant guardian, committed to safeguarding Sandrock. 
 Logan Turned against Sandrock and became a fugitive. A fiery cowboy outlaw with an enemies-to-lovers journey. 
 Miguel Guides the residents as Sandrock’s pastor. Don’t. He’s a bit of a creep. 
 Owen Owns the Blue Moon Saloon, the local tavern. A charismatic barkeep with a velvety voice, warm hospitality, and a heart of gold. A himbo. 
 Pablo Runs Pablo’s Parlor, the local salon. A flamboyant fashionista with a fun personality. 
 Pen Protects Sandrock from monsters and outlaws. If you’re into dad jokes and cringey one-liners, he’s the guy for you. 
 Qi Takes care of research projects in Sandrock. A cute nerd who is into science. 
 Unsuur Helps Justice keep Sandrock at peace. A quiet partner who blends into the background like a piece of furniture. 

All Bachelorettes in My Time at Sandrock

Bachelorettes My Time at Sandrock
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AppearanceRomance CandidateCharacter DescriptionWhy You Should/Shouldn’t Date Them
 Amirah Crafts pottery for Arvio’s shop. A hard-working, talented woman with an artistic pinch. 
 Catori Takes care of the entertainment department by running the Golden Goose. A carefree romance with a partner who cherishes your leisure moments. 
 Elsie Daughter of Cooper and Mabel, and an energetic kid. Show some respect for the age gap; she’s just a kid. 
 Grace Cooks at the Blue Moon Saloon. A cool, attractive woman from town. 
 Heidi Runs Construction Junction, a store with materials. A badass, educated, and hardworking lady with a loving family by her side. 
 Jane Teaches in a local school. If you’re willing to wait until Act 3 to date anyone, her romance arc is well worth it. 
 Mi-anYour co-builder buddy. A dedicated, industrious woman who truly gets you like no one else can. 
 NiaThe builder’s best friend keeps in touch via letters and visits often. Childhood best friends turned lovers’ journey. 
VentiWorks at Eufaula’s Salvage workshop.A cheery partner who’s a joy to be around.

How to Get a Heart Knot in My Time at Sandrock

how to get married sandrock
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By gifting someone a Heart Knot in My Time at Sandrock, you’re letting them know you’d like to date them. To get a Heart Knot, purchase it at the By the Stairs store for 128 Gols.

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Once you’ve got it, look for your future partner and gift the Heart Knot to them to start a relationship.

How to Get Married in My Time at Sandrock

How to Start Dating Sandrock
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Marriage is the next step in your relationship. After your romantic engagement bar increases, it’ll be time to tie the knot. To get married in My Time at Sandrock, buy an Engagement Ring from the Mysterious Man for 2000 Gols.

Though this changes your marital status, you can also choose to celebrate a formal wedding at the Church of the Light. This will cost an extra 3000 Gols.

How to Get Divorced in My Time at Sandrock

Sometimes happily ever after’s don’t last forever. Just like in real life, divorces are pretty costly. To get a divorce in My Time at Sandrock, purchase a Broken Mirror from the Mysterious Man for 20000 Gols. After gifting this to your soon-to-be ex, your marriage will be forever broken.