My Time At Sandrock: Fang Gift Guide (How To Romance)

Romancing Fang in My Time at Sandrock is no easy task, especially when he won’t just accept your hard-earned presents.

Fang Romance Guide My Time at Sandrock

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My Time at Sandrock doesn’t shy away from introducing eye-catching characters into the mix. Among them, there’s the stunning Fang. His flowing locks and aloof demeanor make it pretty easy to develop a crush on him.

However, going after Fang isn’t as easy as chasing the more optimistic and charming characters. If you’re looking for a breezy romance, maybe you would be better off going for Arvio or Owen. Fang’s a tough nut to crack when it comes to gifts, and tracking him down in Sandrock won’t be a walk in the park either. Anyway, if you’re still set on dating Fang, then you’re in for a treat. You also might want to keep this guide with Fang’s favorite gifts, schedule, and romancing tips in My Time at Sandrock handy.

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Fang’s Favorite Gifts in My Time at Sandrock

Fang's Favorite Gifts
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Fang’s Liked GiftsFang’s Loved Gifts
Helper Box
Large Storage Box
Shiny Scorpion
Bird Swing
Large Horned Adder
Wooden Storage
Fried Meat with Chili
Horned Adder
Jute Cantaloupe Seeds
Large Sandacuda
Mushroom Forest Cake
Alfalfa Salad
Fruit Salad
Large Sand Snake
Pomato Seeds
Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds
Horned Adder King
Sandsnake King
Sandacuda King
Anti-cold Medicine
Mapo Tofu
Dragon’s Blood
Undead Grass

Generally speaking, I’ve found that Fang loves medicine-related items. Anything that he can use to cook up those experimental potions of his works just fine. Just avoid any crafting materials and manure at all costs.

Fang’s Schedule in My Time at Sandrock

Fang's Schedule Sandrock
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The best place to look for Fang is at the Clinic, which is north of the town. I stood outside his Clinic all day waiting for him to leave and head somewhere else, but he never opened that door. He spends most of his time there given that it’s open from 7:00 to 0:00.

Sometimes, however, you’ll also spot him wandering around the outskirts of the city. I’ve seen him more than once when going from my workshop to Eufaula Salvage.

How to Give Fang a Heart Knot

Fang won't accept my Heart Knot
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When I first gave a Heart Knot to Fang, he sent it back to my mailbox because he “didn’t understand the implications of it.” And it wasn’t only this specific gift, it was every single gift in the game. The guy was turning down my moves at every turn.

Thanks to a video in which the developers themselves explain how to “win Fang’s heart,” I found out the only way to date Fang is to become best buddies with X, his bird. Once you’ve reached Buddy status with X, you’ll get access to the Cheery Conspiracy, a side quest in which you’ll join forces with Fang to save X from a kidnapper.

After completing this quest, I was able to give gifts to Fang. This set me on the right path to increase our relationship status through daily chats and loved gifts. Not long after, I was able to give Fang a Heart Knot in My Time at Sandrock. Remember, you can get this item from Arvio’s store, By the Stairs.

Can You Marry Fang in My Time at Sandrock?

How to Start Dating Sandrock
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Yes, you can marry Fang in My Time at Sandrock. However, just like with any other romanceable character, a couple of extra things are needed to marry him:

  • Upgrade the workshop to level 5. After all, a new human (and possibly a bird) will be moving in.)
  • Buy an Engagement Ring from the Mysterious Man. He comes on the 20 and 21 of every season.
  • Reach “Lovers” status with Fang. You’ll get there by completing some side missions for him, gifting him some of his favorite stuff, and, of course, giving him a Heart Knot.

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Once all of that’s out of the way, all that’s left is to pop the question. Celebrating the Wedding Ceremony in the Church of Light will cost you 3000 extra Gols, but it’s actually not necessary. I actually haven’t done the celebration yet, and lone-wolf Fang doesn’t seem to mind.