New Stars Wars: Battlefront Info & Screenshot Released: "3 Yrs Dev Cycle, DICE Afraid Of Upsetting Fans" and many more

Star Wars: Battlefront

Electronic Arts has just shared with us a brand new gorgeous looking Star Wars: Battlefront screenshot showcasing one of the playable planet called "Sullust". You can check out the screenshot below, it features Two Imperial Star Destroyers arriving at Sullust.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled to launch on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. No resolution has been decided yet for consoles version of Star Wars: Battlefront, for FPS DICE is targeting 60FPS mark.

Star War Battlefront will launch with whooping 12 multiplayer maps and one of these maps will take place on the planet Sullust. Additionally, Electronic Arts has confirmed that immediately after Star Wars: Battlefront launch two more multiplayer maps will be released for FREE.

Star Wars: Battlefront

In another news, a 12 Page feature article on Star Wars: Battlefront appeared in Sweden's Biggest Video Game Magazine "Level". The article didn't have lot of new information about the game, but here are some of the interesting tidbits you would definitely like to know:

Women are confirmed playable
DICE traveled to Skywalker ranch to document everything as early as winter 2012. This game seems to have a 3 year dev cycle (though at the same time very busy)
DICE is very happy doing Star Wars but at the same time scared because they're afraid of upsetting fans, but at the same time they are incredibly motivated and careful so it is made right.
DICE learned the photogrammetry technique while they parallel-developed BF4.
DICE says that they're making use of their battlefield experience in battlefront, but at the same time battlefront has to have unique traits and be its own game or else it would be insulting to star wars fans.
Compared to Battlefield, Battlefront is "nicer" and more aimed towards teens and younger audience. The different Multiplayer modes has to be easy to understand but at the same time harder to master.
Battlefront models and objects is scaled down to meet 60 fps on consoles, but the base is very high detailed so we have other tricks to get it as detailed as possible (assuming they talk about graphics)
DICE knows more about Force Awakens than the regular fan, but they haven't seen any screening from the movie.
Design Director Niklas Fergaeus has apparently seen the original movies 150 times each. (since his youth)
Photogrammtery is so detailed that small scratches can be seen on the models and objects.

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