No Virtual Reality Support for Xbox One X, Confirms Marketing Chief

Xbox One X VR

Xbox One X is the latest console from Microsoft that was one of the most hyped gaming platforms this year. It was all at E3 2017 when Microsoft officially announced the so-called Scorpio as One X loaded with amazing hardware capabilities and true 4K power. On one side consoles like PS4 are openly accepting VR as a part of their family, Microsoft plans to stay with it for a while.

Xbox One X VR

Recently in an interview given to Wall Street Journal, Xbox Marketing Chief Mike Nichols confirmed that One X will not support VR headset. According to him, PC is one of the largest and most suitable platforms for VR that will deliver a better consumer experience than a console.

VR is a hot emerging technology and in PlayStation E3 conference we had seen some of the most amazing game coming this year. For example, the entire Skyrim and Final Fantasy XV are now on VR. While Microsoft’s plan to eliminate VR for One X is a discouraging news.

Mike Nichols Statement to WSJ:"The opportunity on PC is larger because the install base is larger and we think the customer experience will be better on PC.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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