The 10 Cutest Pokémon of All-Time


There are currently 807 Pokémon spanning at least a billion games (rough estimate). While all pocket monsters deserve adoration, we’ve somehow managed to whittle the massive Pokédex down to a top ten cutest Pokémon of them all.

These Pokémon are cute. Cute as all heck. Read on to find out why we’ve chosen these are the top 10 cutest Pokémon, presented in no specific order!

Our picks for top 10 cutest Pokémon of all time

1. Growlithe
2. Fennekin
3. Bulbasaur
4. Eevee
5. Shaymin
6. Togepi
7. Shinx
8. Mimikyu
9. Litten
10. Mew

Why these Pokémon are the cutest




Growlithe, the “Puppy Pokémon.” One good pupper. This pup features an excellent sense of smell, making him a perfect tracker. While he’s certainly not the only dog in the Pokémon universe--Lillipup and Rockruff come to mind, along with legendary beasts, Suicine, Entei, and Raikou--he’s the one that wins our heart, whether that’s nostalgia for the animated series talking or the fact that he’s a blazin' good dog.



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Fennekin, the “Fox Pokémon,” is an adorable Poké -version of a fennec fox, a tiny species with distinctly large ears. Those ears are complemented by equally as large tufts of orange fur, and apparently Fennekin vents hot air from them. Sounds kinda stinky, honestly. But you’re still cute, Fennekin. Fennekin is appropriately foxy, featuring a cute pointed nose and wide but sassy eyes that shout, “I’m ready for mischief!”




We'd fill this section with the words, “Bulbasaur is the best” repeatedly, but that doesn’t make for a great article. But it’s also not wrong. Bulbasaur is easily the cutest of the starter Pokémon (fight us), and has generally been personified in the anime and fan comics as a lovable lil’ guy. We’ll never forget that one kid in the episode “Hypno’s Naptime,” who crawls around the park on all fours, hypnotized into believing he’s a Bulbasaur. We don’t blame him. Who wouldn’t? Aim for the stars, kid.




Eevee is one of the most popular Pokémon, and they're a little cutie, too. Large, charming eyes and overall fluffiness make for one cuddly Pokémon. The "eeveelutions" are pretty inspiring, too. Trainers can choose an evolved form of their favorite type, color, or simply which one they identify with the most (which should, generally, be Sylveon). If you can't get enough of Eevee, there will be plenty more in the upcoming Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! for the Nintendo Switch.




The Mythical Pokémon Shaymin features two different forms, the Land Forme is the reason we’re including it on this list (though Sky Forme is pretty cute, too). In this state, the “Gratitude Pokémon” Shaymin resembles a tiny grass hedgehog, complete with a large, pink Gracidea flower on its sides. It has the ability to absorb and dissolve toxins and spread beautiful fields of flowers in its path. If you don’t find that adorable, we don’t know what to tell you. According to Shaymin’s trophy in Super Smash Bros., Shaymin can “sense anyone with a “grateful heart.” We're grateful for you, Shaymin. I hope you can sense that.




The popularity of Baby Pokémon is generally fairly divided. Some fans loathe the adorable little pre-evolution forms, such as Happiny and even Pichu. Togepi manages to skirt around this by being introduced at the same time as its evolved form, Togetic, so they're kind of the OG baby Pokémon. Togepi was also featured prominently in the animated series, winning over the hearts of many.




Shinx is one of those underrated Pokémon who aren’t necessarily the best in their type, since their evolved form, Luxray, is on the slow side of Electric-types. But Shinx is a little baby lion and we love 'em. Shinx has a striking color scheme, similar to that of Riolu, and features complemented by big honkin’ ears. Shinx also looks like it’s wearing little tights, and now you’ll never be able to un-see them. Just like dog Pokémon, there are certainly more than a few cat Pokémon, but we think Shinx truly shines over the rest. Well, with the exception of...




Litten, the appropriately designated “Fire Cat Pokémon,” may evolve into a complete beast of a Pokémon, Incineroar, but their charming little first form is as cute as they come. Sure, they can be bit on the aggressive side, with his stark red and black pattern and judgmental yellow eyes, but still a kitty!  This top cat is a brave and noble companion, and looks absolutely heartbreakingly lovable when sad.




The “Disguise Pokémon” Mimikyu was revealed prior to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon and immediately won the hearts of basically everyone. Mimikyu is described as a lonely Pokémon, who wears a veil to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. We know that feel, Mimkyu. Admittedly, they're a bit on the creepy side, featuring a slightly deranged-looking Pikachu face, drawn with crayons on some sort of rag. But they're just trying to make friends. The Pokémon’s actually body is hidden underneath, and we’re never actually shown their true appearance, just somewhat ominous, shadowy vapors. But they’re cute shadowy vapors, okay?




Speaking of pink and smiling all the time, we couldn’t exclude the Mythical Pokémon Mew. Mew’s mouth isn’t always shown, but when it is, it has quite the cute smile! Mew is a much beloved Pokémon primarily due to its Mythical status, making it incredibly rare and sought after by many trainers. It’s featured in two Pokémon movies, wherein it is depicted as being friendly and playful. There’s some super serious stuff going on in these movies, too, but we just like to focus on how cute Mew is.

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