505 Games has purchased the Ghostrunner IP for $5 million

The future is bright for Ghostrunner.

Photo via One More Level

505 Games, the publishers of Assetto Corsa, Death Stranding, and No Man’s Sky, has purchased the Ghostrunner IP for a cool $5 million. The company came to an agreement with All In! Games, who co-published the title last year, to take full ownership of IP, and all the technology solutions used in creating the game, according to a report from Gamesindustry.biz.

Ghostrunner became something of a cult-classic upon release, selling over 500,000 copies to date, with All In! expecting total sales to surpass 1 million this year. All In! will continue to receive a share of the profits from ongoing sales.

Ghostrunner, which had a development cost of $2.5 million that it made back on launch day, was something 505 Games were interested in sole ownership of before launch. At the time, the company was unwilling to pay the amount that Al In! felt the game was worth, according to CEO Piotr Żygadło.

Ghostrunner’s success has clearly motivated 505 Games to improve their offer, and they now enjoy full ownership of the IP. For All In!, a Polish publisher with a portfolio of games that includes Paradise Lost, Chernobylite, and Red Wings, the influx of cash allows them to continue growing their publishing footprint, picking up more titles to add to the 20 games they have planned to release over 2021.

The move all but guarantees that Ghostrunner, a game about a sword-wielding, parkour-loving ninja from the future, will receive a follow-up. At the moment, no details have been revealed about a potential sequel, but it seems highly unlikely that 505 Games would invest in this way if they didn’t have plans to capitalize on the game’s success.