Ghostrunner sequel announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

The original Ghostrunner is also coming to the new consoles.

Ghostrunner sequel

Image by 505 Games

Ghostrunner publisher 505 Games announced on May 13 that their cyberpunk parkour title Ghostrunner is getting a sequel. According to the press release, the game has been a major hit, and the publisher has reached an agreement with Ghostrunner developer One More Level to produce a sequel.

Ghostrunner made quite a splash when it was first released in October 2020, blending stylish melee combat with high octane parkour movement reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge and Titanfall 2. The game was also a boon for the speed-running community, instantly turning into a major point of competition. 505 Games states unambiguously that they see Ghostrunner as an IP with a great deal of potential, and it’s reasonable to expect that the sequel development will have more resources put into it than the original Ghostrunner.

Ghostrunner 2 — which may or may not be a working title — will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. No release window has been given yet, but the press release does reaffirm that the original Ghostrunner is also coming to next-gen consoles before the end of 2021. Ghostrunner owners will get the next-gen upgrade for free.

It’s worth noting that Ghostrunner recently announced a new beta testing program for secret new content. Fans of the game should look into the beta sign-up, even if it’s not for the upcoming sequel.