A brand new Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet has leaked via a Pokémon Go datamine

Well that’s a new one (literally).

Image via Know Your Meme

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are just a few weeks away, which means we’re about due for some big leaks. The Paldea region Pokédex actually leaked some time ago, and while a lot of the creature concepts have been confirmed by additional trailers, many are still unverified placeholders. One such Pokémon has been referred to as “coin,” and we’ve just seen the little fella in an unlikely place.

Pokémon Go datamining group PokeMiners discovered “coin” within the files of the mobile game. Perhaps that isn’t too surprising of a place to find it, but you’d think that new Pokémon wouldn’t be added to Go until they became available in the flagship games first. Either way, we can take a look at the odd little monster that wears a coin on its back; leaks say that collecting enough coins around the map will let you evolve it. Apparently, it’s #1080 in the Pokédex, which would make that evolution #1081.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen “coin.” A previous Scarlet and Violet trailer accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) included three additional Pokémon on its minimap during the gameplay footage. Eagle-eyed viewers also spotted others tucked away in the corner of the screen behind part of the UI. @Riddler_Khu pointed out the resemblance between one of those unannounced ‘mons and the Pokémon Go datamine of “coin,” and it certainly does seem to match up. Perhaps this will be the next Pokémon to get its own trailer.

Plenty of Pokémon have been revealed in that manner. Most recently, we met the ghost dog Greavard, and before that, we were introduced to the electric frog Bellibolt. There are already lots of new additions to the Paldean Pokédex that we know about, but we’re still expecting a few surprises when the new games arrive.

We don’t have to wait long. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s release date is November 18. The Gen 9 versions will arrive on Nintendo Switch that Friday.