A modder has finally shown us what Kiriko looks like on her bike in Overwatch 2

Let the Kawasaki guide you!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A Reddit user has played around with Overwatch 2’s code and given Kiriko a new Ultimate called Bike. The modder, who goes by the username Rarithlynx, posted a short video of Kiriko saying the often memed voice line, “On my Bike,” before calling in a red motorcycle equipped with nitrous that she uses to run over Reinhardt, Mei, and Bastion.

Since Kiriko became playable in Season 1 of Overwatch 2, players have been able to unlock this voice line by getting to tier 25 in the battle pass. Oddly enough, though, there is no reference whatsoever in the game or even her animated short to the hero being someone who loves riding any kind of bike, motorized or pedaled. Like other voice lines that players love to spam in Overwatch 2, hearing Kiriko say, “Wait ‘til you see me on my bike,” has become a common occurrence because it is fast and easy to get out, and everyone is so confused about where it comes from.

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Obviously, the mod shown above is in no way an official development for the game, and you can not access it. She is still using the very powerful Kitsune Rush with her spirit fox friend. That being said, even Overwatch 2 developers are starting to notice the mod and share it. Justin Groot, a Senior Writer and Narrative Designer for the game’s lore, shared a tweet saying he didn’t expect the line to become as popular as it did.

If this situation is anything like some past fan contributions to Overwatch lore, there is a pretty good chance that at some point in the future, we could see Kiriko riding a motorcycle in a cutscene of the game’s story, a future cinematic short, or maybe some kind of emote. Sometimes, when the fans get behind an idea so much, Blizzard will incorporate that into their lore. D.Va had a similar situation where the fans had her only drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos. Now she has her “Game On” emote that has her chowing down on the food, and you can see her workplace covered in Nano Cola and chips in her animated short.