A new Iron Man game is in development from EA Motive and Marvel Entertainment

I’m feeling pretty good, Mr. Stark.

Image via EA Motive

There’s been a persistent rumor that EA is working on an Iron Man game, but this year’s D23 celebration came and went without any news about the project. Instead, EA decided to make the announcement on its own terms: the game is real, and it’s in currently in pre-production.

EA announced the Iron Man game on its website. The project currently has no name, but it’s being developed at EA Motive (the same studio launching the Dead Space remake in January). The team is led by executive producer Olivier Proulx, who comes from Eidos Montreal. Proulx previously worked on other Marvel video game adaptations like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. “It’s an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to make a video game based on one of the most iconic super heroes in entertainment today,” Proulx declared. “We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story that we can call our own.”

As for what that story will entail, we don’t know much beyond Motive’s elevator pitch. “The game will feature an original narrative that taps into the rich history of Iron Man,” it reads “channeling the complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark, and enabling players to feel what it’s like to truly play as Iron Man.” From that description we can at least presume that the game will include flight mechanics — EA’s Anthem might not have been a success, but its flight style is right on the mark for Iron Man.

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that another Marvel game is in development. This isn’t even the first one focused on Tony Stark — Marvel’s Iron Man VR released in 2020. Other works-in-progress include the Amy Hennig-led Captain America and Black Panther game, which actually was teased at D23. Insomniac, who brought us the wonderful PlayStation Spider-Man games, is also working on a Wolverine game.