After The Last of Us on HBO, Red Dead Redemption fans are fantasizing a TV show of their own

What’s the next obvious video game adaptation?

Image via Rockstar Games

Video game TV adaptations go one of two ways: they are successful and the fans fall in love with the world all over again, or it fails and becomes something fans pretend didn’t happen. The Last of Us on HBO is doing the former so far. The show so far is a gripping and gritty experience for both fans and newcomers, but now it has other fandoms wondering if they can get a TV series for their beloved game too.

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Recently, Red Dead Redemption fans have been excitedly discussing a hypothetical adaptation of their own. A lively discussion on Reddit has led to fans speculating, fancasting, and debating what they’d want from an adaptation — if they want it in the first place.

“I’d want it only if the voice actors played the characters,” said one user. DeadOnRival goes further by stating: “Nah, The game is good enough. Plus more than half the game’s fun is in stories we make while exploring the world as Arthur.” The Redditor elaborated by speaking on how a free-roam game would be difficult to capture in an adaptation. Some users have even come up with their own fantasy casts, such as one by MillenialSN that includes left-field picks like Dwayne Johnson as Dutch, Kevin Hart as Micah, and Uncharted‘s Mark Wahlberg as Arthur.

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As of this writing, it is unknown if something like a Red Dead Redemption TV series would happen, and who would be interested in taking on such a task. In our eyes, there probably won’t be any interest unless Rockstar sparks new hope for the series with some new content — something Red Dead Online lacks. For now, it’s fun to at least think of the possibilities.