Fans are having a funeral for Red Dead Online in light of Rockstar’s abandonment of its development

The funeral is taking place on the anniversary of the last big update.

Image via Rockstar Games

Fans are gathering today in Read Dead Online, the online multiplayer portion of Red Dead Redemption 2, to hold a funeral for it. The funeral was organized in light of a recent update from developer Rockstar Games, which indicated that not only will there be no further major updates to this title, there’s barely anyone working on it anymore.

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In a recent developer update post, Rockstar Games outlined how it wouldn’t be releasing any more major updates for Red Dead Online. The only content fans know is coming to their favorite game include seasonal updates, events, and new missions that will be rotated weekly. That’s why today, exactly one year after the Blood Money update was released, fans are holding a funeral for the game. Blood Money was the last major update for the game and is now being called the last update it has or will ever receive.

Of course, Rockstar Games isn’t abandoning Red Dead Online completely. The developer plans to bring regular seasonal events and experience improvements, and will build upon the game modes already out there over time. However, most of the team that was working on the title has now been moved over to focus on the future of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Players are sharing images and videos of them and their gangs paying respects in various graveyards around the game world. Many are already calling the game dead despite the fact that servers will remain on for a while yet. The main point of today’s funeral is more to show Rockstar Games that without any new content to look forward to, the number of new players picking Red Dead Online up will start to dwindle, leaving only the hardcore fans who will likely slowly drift onto new shared online worlds that are more engaging.

Red Dead Online is a vibrant world filled with players who adore it. There are many missions to complete and activities to take on each day. However, it’s those major updates that brought new roles to fulfill, skill trees to flesh out, and abilities or specializations that players are really feeling the loss of today.