All Paradox Pokémon names and their unique types have leaked for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

We have more Paradox Pokémon showing up in these games.

Image via The Pokemon Company

We continue to receive and learn more about the leaks surrounding Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a solid week well before the official release of the game. The leaks have primarily concerned the upcoming Pokémon and the evolutions of the starter Pokémon. The latest leak centers around the forthcoming Paradox Pokémon, which gives these Pokémon Past or Future forms, changing their appearance and typing. We saw the Pokémon Company officially announce it in today’s trailer, confirming Great Tusk and Iron Treads, Donphan’s form.

The list supposedly breaks down all Paradox Pokémon. There are set to be 14 Pokémon, with Donphan and Volcarona being the only two with a future and past form, and the others will have a future or a past form, depending on the game they make their appearance.

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The official names for these Pokémon have not been shared or hinted at. Each of them has code names, and the community has likely leaked their typing, but these have not been confirmed, and we cannot confirm this information.

Supposedly, Great Tusk will be a Donphan evolution, a Ground and Fighting-type. Iron Treads will be a Donphan evolution, a Ground and Steel-type. Brute Bonnet will be a Grass and Dark-type. Iron Hands will be a Hariyama evolution, Fighting and Electric-type. Sandy Shocks will be Electric and Ground-type. Iron Thorns will be a Rock and Electric-type, the Tyranitar evolution. Scream Tail will be a Jigglypuff evolution, a Fairy and Psychic type. Iron Jugulis will be Dark and Flying-type, a Hydreigon evolution.

Flutter Mane will be a Misdreavus evolution, Ghost and Fairy-type. Iron Bundle will be an Ice and Water-type, a Delibird evolution. Slither Wing will be a Bug and Fighting-type, the Scarlet Volcarona evolution. Iron Moth will be a Fire and Poison-type, the Violet Volcarona evolution. Roaring Moon will be a Dragon and Dark-type, the Salamence evolution. Finally, Iron Valiant will be a Fairy and Fighting-type, a Gallade and Gardevoir evolution.

These are changing up the Pokémon formula a bit. However, we don’t know how these Paradox Pokémon will work. There was a leak earlier that showed the future version of Tyranitar, and it looks like it might have to do with the center of the map, which has remained cloudy.

We’ll receive an official confirmation when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releases on November 18 to the Nintendo Switch.