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Alleged screenshots of new Fire Emblem game appear online

That's some lovely blue-and-red hair.

It looks like Three Hopes isn’t the only Fire Emblem to be subject to leaks. It’s no surprise to hear that the next mainline game in the series is in development, but actually seeing alleged screenshots of the project is a whole other thing.

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Reddit user miasmadelta started a thread to report some juicy details about the upcoming game, which has yet to be officially announced by Nintendo. They corroborate some previously leaked details, such as the game being complete but not released yet for whatever reason — it was originally intended to launch for the series’ 30th anniversary in 2020. Graphically, it’s said to be an improvement over Three Houses, though the included screenshots don’t really illustrate that point.

The main character is a lord, the child of a dragon, who sports blue-and-red hair. You can see them in the first screenshot in the thread, standing in some sort of reception area. According to miasmadelta, these shots are from an early build of the game. They were also taken off-screen, hence the low quality.

Reportedly, the hook in this new Fire Emblem game is the ability to summon characters from previous games in the series. If you look at the thread’s second screenshot, you can see the recurring character Anna, one slot above the person being highlighted. Given that she’s appeared in nearly every Fire Emblem game to date, her inclusion here isn’t necessarily confirmation of the summoning mechanic.

As for other mechanics, we can see the usual assortment of classes and character relationships on the same menu. The gentleman on the right also appears to take on the role of a mentor, a common trope in the series. He can be seen in a cutscene in the final screenshot.

To state what ought to be obvious, take all of this with a grain of salt. Nintendo has yet to announce any new mainline Fire Emblem game, and it would likely do so during a Direct. The focus of recent Nintendo news has instead been on Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the sequel to the Musou spinoff of Three Houses. It’ll let you play as a ton of characters from that game when it comes to Switch on Friday, June 24.

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