Amazon Games failed to fix daylight savings issues in Lost Ark

Daylight savings failure.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Lost Ark, there are many events, islands, and bosses that are scheduled for specific times. These times are listed in the game’s calendar, which you can track by the game’s in-game clock. Unfortunately, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG messed up the in-game calendar by not accounting for daylight savings. Therefore, all scheduled events in-game actually take place an hour later.

Embarrassingly, the company said they fixed the issue in an overnight patch. However, players noticed that the issue still remains, meaning the company actually failed to fix the issue. For example, the Arkesia Grand Prix has a scheduled race every even hour. However, now, the event takes place every odd hour.

Amazon Games stated you’ll need to make sure your PC’s clock matches daylight savings time, but this doesn’t seem to resolve the issue. People on social media have sounded off at Amazon Games about its inability to fix the issue.

This issue comes in a long string of controversies regarding Lost Ark and Amazon Games. Recently, the company was caught banning many players in false bans, and players criticized the current NA experience including difficulties with reaching the newest Abyss Dungeon. Players are also supposedly getting falsely banned in another wave of bans intended for bots.