Animal Crossing: New Horizons reportedly sold 10 million digital copies

Impressive digital sales.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has reportedly sold more than 10 million copies digitally, according to a report from Famitsu. Nintendo’s latest sales figure outlined that the life sim has sold more than 13 million units in its first six weeks.

When the figure was shared, though, it was not mentioned how many of those copies were sold at retail and how many through the Nintendo eShop. Should this report be confirmed, the biggest part of the copies sold would be digital, an unprecedented result for Nintendo.

Such a strong digital performance is likely due to COVID-19 lockdowns that have made digital purchases the only viable option in many territories when the title released on March 20 in the middle of the outbreak.

That hasn’t prevented Animal Crossing from providing Switch sales a boost, as the console has sold more units in the game’s launch window in Japan than at its official release in 2017.

Nintendo has already made it official that New Horizons has exceeded its lifetime targets in sales, which has happened a few months from its original launch.

This is why the game is currently being supported with ongoing events, which now include the Wedding Season with exclusive rewards.