Apex Legends developers address controller aim assist, tap strafing, and UI clutter on Twitter

Respawn discusses its major community complaints.

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends has come under fire lately due to a variety of reasons. For starters, players aren’t happy with the upcoming Dark Depths event’s focus on skins. There was also the recent removal of some weapons due to exploits players continued to discover. The heat keeps piling on, but the developers have at least addressed some of the most common criticisms.

Apex Legends Live Balance Designer John Larson took to Twitlonger, providing insight into the team’s stance on issues raised by the community. Larson’s post states that the team is against the idea of making tap strafing accessible to controller players. This may seem unfair on the surface, but Larson iterates that Respawn considers it a game design issue rather than a balancing mechanic. The studio recognizes the keyboard and mouse advantage, but opening the the door to mobility creep across the board will have a negative impact on the overall game. Fixing the problem requires a more nuanced approach.

Another common controller versus keyboard and mouse debate surrounds the topic of aim assist. According to Larson’s post, aim assist tuning is under active evaluation, but no promises are being made.

Apex Legends Producer Josh Medina also allayed concerns surrounding Apex Legends’ UI clutter. Medina has already raised the issue, with the team planning to come together in the near future to decide what can be done.

Some players have also complained about the inability to move while looting on a controller, which is possible on keyboard and mouse. As it turns out, this isn’t an input-exclusive feature Respawn is withholding from controller players. Rather, it is a bug. Unfortunately, the post outright states it will not be fixed. As for whether it will be introduced as a feature for controller players, it is not currently a priority for the team because of the amount of UI, coding, and design issues it will create.