Apex Legends players are upset by the focus on skins and lack of an LTM in next event

Fans are quite displeased by the lack of a new LTM.

Screenshot via EA YouTube

Respawn announced a new Apex Legends event titled Dark Depths on Thursday, and the community doesn’t seem pleased by the upcoming event’s offerings. Members of the Apex Legends subreddit argued that the new event lacks substance, largely thanks to the omission of a new limited-time mode (LTM).

“The state of this game is sad,” wrote Redditor NorthenNights115. “We haven’t gotten any LTM or something nice, we get nothing but skins.” Many players echoed NorthenNights115’s sentiments, criticizing the lack of content in the new update. The Dark Depths event consists of a new Arenas map, various aquatic-themed skins, and a variety of event-exclusive challenges.

“I am more peeved that they are calling what is basically a limited time sale with only a new map to Arena’s an event,” said Reddit user Taladays. While evaluating Dark Depths’ content, several players contrasted Apex’s offerings to those of other online shooters, namely Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, both of which have received a plethora of LTMs throughout their respective lifetimes.

Some fans lamented the lack of a new LTM while reflecting on prior Apex Legends seasons, specifically seasons three and seven, which each featured LTMs introduced in January. While the past few months brought back the Shadow Royale and Winter Express LTMs, they are old and reoccurring modes that return seasonally.

Respawn has yet to respond to these criticisms. The developer is also dealing with issues regarding the Rampage and Sentinel weapons, as well as a game-crashing bug involving Bangalore’s new Mil-Spec skin.