Apex Legends temporarily removes Rampage and Sentinel due to charging exploit

Respawn also removes the MIL-SPEC Bangalore skin.

New weapon Rampage LMG

Images via Respawn

A quick update in Apex Legends has disabled some exploits and bugs that fans have been complaining about recently. One exploit is that players have found a way to keep the Rampage LMG and Sentinel Sniper indefinitely charged, making both weapons unstoppable in matches. 

The exploits for the weapons were first discovered last year, and Respawn Entertainment has tried to patch it, but players have found new exploits. Players have now uncovered that with thermite grenades, they can keep the Rampage charged, which will make it fire more quickly. The Sentinel can be kept fully charged with shield cells, and a fully charged Sentinel deals way more damage.

Respawn responded to the exploits on Twitter, announcing that the most recent update has temporarily disabled the Rampage and Sentinel in all modes. The update will also disable the Mil-Spec skin for Bangalore, which has its own glitches and problems.

The Mil-Spec skin would cause crashes if players try picking the skin in the Character Select screen. Fortunately, players will be reconnected once they reload the game. Despite being disabled in the latest update, players can still purchase the Mil-Spec Bangalore skin in the store. Respawn will re-enable the skin once the bug is fixed in a future patch.