Apex Legends players are unsatisfied with the Season 11 Battle Pass skins and rewards

Not so rewarding.

Image via Respawn

The Battle Pass system has become a staple in the gaming world, and Apex Legends is no exception to the trend. Every season, players receive a new Battle Pass filled with Legend skins, weapon skins, charms, banners, and more. Apex Legends Battle Passes usually follow the theme of the season in general, so players can really get into the vibe surrounding the Apex Games at the time. For example, the Season 11: Escape, the theme is focused around a rustic tropical warzone and what the Legends may be wearing in that environment.

Despite the theme of the Battle Pass, fans are unsatisfied with the rewards and skins offered this season when compared to previous seasons and even other games with Battle Passes. There are countless comparisons of the Season 11 non-legendary skins compared to previous seasons, and there is a noticeable difference in design. Where previous seasons changed the entire look of the legend, Season 11 only really changes the outfit colors, and maybe adds some body art.

When compared to other games, the Apex Legends Battle Pass feels lackluster, and fans are quick to point out some of the differences. Where Battle Passes in games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War feature several different legendary operator skins, the Apex Legends Battle Pass only includes two. Another concern is the amount of rare-level weapon skins in the Battle Pass, as almost a quarter of the pass is reserved for these skins, making them feel like filler rather than actual rewards.