Apex Legends releasing on mobile “by the end of this year”

Soft launch on the way.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed that Apex Legends will be releasing on mobile “by the end of this year.” The news was delivered at the latest EA’s Investor Fireside Chat, where Wilson provided more details about the company’s plans for the mobile platform.

While Nintendo is gradually retreating from the mobile business, Electronic Arts is planning to double its efforts on the platform.

Wilson revealed that Respawn Entertainment’s successful take on the battle royale genre will be approaching a “soft launch” by the end of 2020.

This is the same approach the publisher has adopted with Plants vs. Zombies 3, which currently is in a soft launch state ahead of its full release.

Apex Legends was recently announced to be coming to Nintendo Switch this fall, and by that window, it will support cross-play across all the supported platforms, including the incoming Steam version.

Other publishers have been more aggressive on the mobile front, such as Activision with the Call of Duty franchise, but it now seems EA is ramping up its efforts to get at that level soon.