Apex Legends Season 11: Escape will give Wattson a much-needed buff

Who needs new Legends when you can power up the old ones?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There’s an awful lot to look forward to in the Apex Legends: Escape seasonal update, arriving on November 2. From a familiar-faced new Legend to a new map and weapon, there’s plenty to keep players on their toes. But of particular note is a long-overdue buff for Static Defender Wattson.

The recently-released patch notes for Escape go into detail about the improvements made to Apex Legends’ easily-distracted engineer. These include some general tweaks to “reliability and responsiveness” in using Wattson, changes to her hitbox, as well as a serious overhaul of her Tactical and Ultimate abilities.

Perimeter Defense now hits harder with increased damage and a doubled debuff duration, and Wattson players can even use her fences more frequently with a significantly decreased recharge time. The placement range for the fence has also been increased, and Wattson can now place her nodes on valid surfaces above eye level — “to a reasonable extent,” the notes hastily add.

Her Interception Pylon Ultimate, meanwhile, has been almost entirely reworked. Wattson’s Pylon now lasts indefinitely, with the tradeoff that she can only place one rather than the previous three. The Pylon’s shields available for distribution to nearby players are now capped at 250, though its shield regeneration rate has been upped to make up for it.

There’s lots more to dig into in the official patch notes for Escape, including details about Ash, the newest Legend added to the roster. All considered, it should make the update’s arrival on November 2 a memorable one.