Arc System Works announces DNF DUEL, based on massively popular Dungeon Fighter Online

It’s time to duel.

Image via Arc System Works

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Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works has announced a new fighting game called DNF DUEL, which is based on the hugely popular Dungeon Fighter Online. The game is being developed in collaboration with Neople, the Korean-based developer of Dungeon Fighter Online. No details about what platforms the game is coming to or when it will release have been revealed yet.

DNF DUEL looks like it will take a fast-paced, flashy approach, much like Guilty Gear. The game also looks to be just as stylish as Guilty Gear Strive, with a beautifully rendered 3D art style that resembles hand-drawn art. The roster seems to be based on Dungeon Fighter Online’s various classes, rather than specific characters, so that will likely affect how each character plays.

Dungeon Fighter Online is a hugely successful, free-to-play, online, beat-em-up style game, akin to games like Golden Dragon or Streets of Rage. Similar to an MMO, various moves can be assigned to hotkeys that you can perform in 2D, side-scrolling environments, with several characters to choose from.

What’s interesting about the game is that you can perform fighting game inputs to enact the moves, making it a perfect title to be translated into a fighting game. DFO was originally released in 2005 in Korea, rolling out to other countries over the years, but only received a global release in 2015. So while the game is massively popular, it’s understandable if you’ve never heard of it before.