When is the second DNF Duel open beta test?

Your weekend just got busier.

Screenshot via DNFDuel YouTube

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The second round of DNF Duel is throttling towards us with an open beta test in April. Here’s when exactly it starts and how long the excitement will last.

The next DNF Duel open beta will be running between April 1 at 7 PM Pacific and April 4 at 7 AM Pacific, giving you the weekend to try out the upcoming fighting game. No details about the available roster in the open beta have been revealed. However, we expect to see at least the majority of DNF Duel’s characters, if not all of them.

What we do know is that the open beta will only be available on PS4 and PS5 systems. Unfortunately, PC players will be missing out on the brawl.

Fighting game fans will likely applaud DNF Duel as its anime-style production value is impressive and it will support rollback netcode, a feature begged for by the community. Rollback netcode isn’t perfect but it does provide a smoother experience online than the traditional delay-based system. It predicts your next moves, making the connection more consistent to play with.

DNF Duel is based on the mega-successful Dungeon Fighter Online MMO from publisher Nexon. It has been running since 2009 and still goes strong to this day.

The full game will be hitting physical and digital store shelves on June 28. Unfortunately, DNF Duel is not planned to release on the Nintendo Switch or Xbox platforms.