Is DNF Duel coming to the Switch?

Will it follow in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s footsteps?

Screenshot via DNF Duel YouTube

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Arc System Works’ next fighting game DNF Duel is arriving on consoles and PC on June 28, but is the Nintendo Switch port of the party? Find out below if this Dungeon Fighter Online spinoff is heading the hybrid system.

DNF Duel will be out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC when it hits store shelves this June. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch owners won’t be able to play the game at least at launch. No plans have been revealed yet for a Switch port of any kind.

There is some hope, however. Arc System Works has released Dragon Ball FighterZ on the Nintendo Switch, and the game runs surprisingly well on the system. While not as technically impressive as DNF Duel, Arc System Works has also shown support for the Nintendo Switch with Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, Kill La Kill IF, and Chaos Code – New Sign of Catastrophe.

On the other hand, we’ve never had one of the studio’s premiere titles, Guilty Gear Strive, on the Nintendo Switch.

Regardless of Arc System Works, NetherRealm Studios developed a port of the graphically intense Mortal Kombat 11, and Bandai Namco’s Pokken Tournament DX shines on the Switch. A port of DNF Duel is feasibly possible with these two titles in mind.

If you manage to pick up DNF Duel on another system like the PS5 or PC, you’ll be treated to a welcome variety of characters, like the Berserker and the Striker, that are directly inspired by the popular Dungeon Fighter Online franchise. Perhaps this could be the start of a popular franchise for Arc System Works and publisher Nexon.