ARK: Survival Ascended Fans Will Refund the Game Unless Nitrado Server Policies Are Fixed

News about the ability to host servers has fans worried about viability with Ark: Survival Ascended – with some threatening returns.

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A storm is brewing as ARK: Survival Ascended enthusiasts contemplate drastic action. Players are demanding changes to Nitrado’s exclusive partnership with Studio Wildcard, the developer of the popular ARK franchise, or they’re prepared to hit the refund button.

The controversy centers around Nitrado’s sole rights to provide official servers for ARK: Survival Ascended and rent out private and community servers. While PC players will still have the option to self-host, the details of this arrangement remain shrouded in mystery. This leaves a long-running fanbase of Ark gamers feeling anxious about potential limitations and restrictions.

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ARK Survival Fans Won’t Purchase ASA Because of Nitrado Server Exclusivity

The uproar in the community is palpable. Gamers are taking to forums and social media, vehemently stating their refusal to invest in ARK: Survival Ascended unless they can self-host servers. Some fear that Nitrado’s profit motives might take precedence over player interests. The situation underscores the need for greater transparency regarding server hosting options and pricing.

The heart of the issue lies in the exclusivity granted to Nitrado. This raises concerns about a monopolistic grip on the ARK server hosting market. Players, in particular, are expressing unease over the impact this partnership could have on server quality, support, and pricing. The questions surrounding the future of player-run dedicated servers and clusters have left many in the ARK community disconcerted.

Players point out that Nitrado’s smallest available server, with 26 slots, comes at a considerable monthly cost that makes it financially unviable for small gaming groups. Concerns about empty or underutilized servers loom large, with players unwilling to join servers they deem too expensive to support.

As put by a particularly angered ARK player, “My group has been hosting our own servers since 2015. To host the number of servers I currently run on Nitrado, it would be more than most people’s car payments.” The sentiment among players is that the exclusive deal with Nitrado threatens to alienate a significant portion of the player base.

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ARK: Survival Ascended fans are issuing a clear ultimatum to Studio Wildcard and Nitrado: address the concerns about server hosting options and affordability. If they don’t, they may face the wrath of a community that has weathered countless storms but may not withstand this exclusive partnership. The future of this prehistoric survival game hangs in the balance, and players are standing united in their demands for change.