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Does ARK: Survival Ascended Include All DLC?

Is ARK: Survival Ascended an all-in-one package with all the DLC despite being in early access?

ARK: Survival Ascended offers the perfect opportunity to get lost in Evolved’s survival world, but now in a new engine. However, does this new release include all its predecessor’s DLC maps and content?

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ARK’s world expanded over its 8-year run. The original map, the Island, captivated the hearts of many gamers upon the game’s release, but slowly began to gather some dust as newer, shiny maps were added. With ARK: Survival Ascended out in the world, the time has come to get lost in this ever-expansive world… if the Early Access version will let you, that is.

Can You Play All The DLC Maps in ARK: Survival Ascended?

Survival Ark Ascended maps
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You can’t play all the DLC maps in ARK: Survival Ascended as of right now.

Through ARK: Survival Ascended’s Steam Page, Studio Wildcard has confirmed that all DLC Map content will become available in the new game but will be gradually added over time. At the moment, the only map available is The Island. 

But don’t abandon hope. The game isn’t finished, after all. All main storyline canon and non-canon DLC maps will be added as ARK: Survival Ascended navigates Early Access:

  • Survival of the Fittest (Battle Royale)
  • Scorched Earth
  • Aberration
  • Extinction
  • Genesis Part 1
  • Genesis Part 2
  • The Center
  • Ragnarok
  • Valguero
  • Crystal Isles
  • Lost Island
  • Fjordur

Besides having shiny new graphics and running in Unreal 5, ARK: Survival Ascended will also include one brand new creature per map when each of those DLCs is added. The community will nominate these creatures so everyone can participate in decision-making. It’s time for all that modded content to finally see the (official) light of day.

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Plus, though at the moment, the gameplay and story arc remain intact, that might change in the future. Studio Wildcard also promises to include new original story content and new gameplay additions in ARK: Survival Ascended in the future. 

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