Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Takes The Heat After Rubber-Necking At Dead Bodies

Twitter users debate which Baldur’s Gate 3 companion character is to blame for fiery explosion that sends entire party flying

Gale and Wyll from Baldur's Gate 3

Screenshot via Reddit

It’s no secret that companions are one of the best parts of Baldur’s Gate 3, whether you’re romancing them or just trying to build an ideal party. NPCs have always been a fun part of RPGs, but Baldur’s Gate is really on to something with just how layered the companion backstories and interactions can be. That said, even the most enjoyable NPCs can behave in unexpected ways, leading to occasionally frustrating but often hilarious results.

Recently, one player got more than they bargained for when an NPC in their party apparently set off an explosion while the player’s attention was elsewhere. Specifically, the player was busy ogling a particularly amusing dead body when something sparked a small fire. Before they could react, that fire caused an explosion, dramatically sending the whole party flying. And yes, Twitter users are pointing fingers for who’s to blame.

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Players Debate Who Caused Hiliarious Explosion

Who among us hasn’t been a little too amused by the odd poses of dead bodies in video games? But as one Twitter user learned, sometimes getting too invested in checking out the view comes with consequences.

Twitter user @niku30_ shared the hilarious results of getting distracted by this unusually placed dead body. As we can see, the body’s sprawled-leg, face-down position is pretty amusing, but that’s nothing compared to what comes next.

While the player spins their view around to check out the booty-up figure on the ground, their party members stand by looking innocent enough. A subtle rumbling hints at what’s to come, but by the time the camera pans to the tiny fire that was started off-screen, it’s too late. A massive explosion erupts, sending the entire party flying.

Of course, the first reply asks the question we all want to know: “But who lit the oil?” @niku30_ speculates that the culprit might’ve been the wizard Gale, who had a torch on him at the time, or Wyll the warlock, who just so happened to be wielding a fire sword. The jury’s still out on who should take the blame. “Looks like Wyll did it. Lmao” one commenter says, while another is quick to note “Gale’s name is the first one that popped up.”

We may not agree on who or what caused the explosion, but it certainly has given us a hilarious reminder of just what makes this game so fun. “Stuff like this is why I love this game,” notes one Twitter user. Sure, we all love the character creation, the impressive graphics, the companion interactions, and the storyline. But in the end, it very well may be that extra layer of unexpected chaos that keeps us all coming back for more.