Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Share Best Advice Ahead Of Game’s Full Launch

All the Baldur’s Gate 3 gurus have gather up to impart their wisdom.

Image via Larian Studios

Excitement is reaching fever pitch as the highly-anticipated release of Baldur’s Gate 3 approaches on August 3, 2023. Fans of the RPG genre and the Baldur’s Gate series have been waiting eagerly for this moment, and it seems that the game’s early access version has already ignited a wave of praise and excitement.

As we brace ourselves for the full release, the BG3 Reddit community has gathered to share some invaluable advice for beginners. Players have come together to impart their wisdom in a thread that has become a sacred pilgrimage site for Baldur’s Gate 3 newcomers.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Reddit Thread Turns into a Beginner Tips Dump

One fundamental principle stands tall among the gems of advice shared: “GET ALL THOSE BACKPACKS!” Yes, it seems like hoarding backpacks is the secret to smooth inventory management. And if your character becomes burdened with too many items, worry not. Just send the entire backpack back to the camp like a seasoned supply runner.

On a different note, Reddit user ifockpotatoes pointed out that resting is vital. They share that the game’s narrative might try to convince you to avoid long rests as much as possible, but according to the veterans, it’s all a sham. Long resting is the way to go, leading to numerous camp scenes with companions you won’t want to miss out on. Think of it as a strategy to make friends while regaining your strength.

User dreambled advises everyone to read, read, read. Want to know what those yellow-bolded words mean? Well, just press “T” to find out. And while you’re at it, be sure to leave no stone unturned. Search everything and everywhere, from crates to containers.

Another user, fate008, turned their comment into a beginner tips dump of its own, mentioning advice covering everything from accessing hidden objects via smashing everything before you to throwing healing potion vials at your companions to replenish their health.

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With this wealth of shared knowledge, the Baldur’s Gate 3 community stands united, ready to tackle the challenges that await. As the countdown to the game’s full launch begins, we can’t help but marvel at the camaraderie and quirky humor that make this game’s community truly special.