Battlefield 6 leaked images seem to confirm near-future setting

Blurry, but still exciting.

Image via DICE

With Battlefield 6 on the way later this year, the hype machine is starting to build up speed. Along with general teases from official channels that imply we will get to see a reveal trailer in June, there have been quite a few leaks to keep us all firmly on the hype train.

After noted Battlefield 6 leaker Tom Henderson revealed that the campaign would be taking place in a near-future setting, new images have appeared that certainly seem to confirm this information. The images, which can be seen on image sharing website Imgur, contain drones, vast industrial scenes, and what appear to be rockets blasting off into space.

While the images are somewhat blurry, Battlefield veterans will instantly recognize the series’ trademark color grading, especially in the first image which appears to just be a massive explosion. The return to a more modern-day setting will be a welcome relief for players who have felt a little left behind by the developer’s recent focus on more historical settings.

The campaign is rumored to centered around a crack team of mercenaries who can change allegiance from mission to mission if they wish, constantly throwing in with the highest bidder. This would be a big change for the series that has traditionally focused on the idea of more obvious good and bad guys within the narrative.