Behaviour Interactive reveals Project S, a hand-crafted open world puzzle game coming next year

While Project S is a codename, everything else is very real.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

During today’s Behaviour Beyond showcase, developer Behaviour Interactive gave fans a glimpse at one of the new titles the studio has been working on with Lunarch Studios. The name of the game, for now, is Project S, but the team behind it is keen to stress that this is just a codename, though the gameplay shown so far is what fans can expect from it at launch.

Project S is a hand-crafted, open-world puzzle title built from the ground up to engage players in every way. The massive open world has been built with the story in mind. As players explore and solve puzzles, they’ll unlock the mysteries of each island and open routes to new ones, where they can access and complete even more puzzles.

Solving puzzles is at the heart of Project S. Each one has been built by hand to give players an engaging and thought-provoking experience in this universe. Some appear to be similar to those in The Witness, making use of lines and start and end points, while others combine those elements with words, numbers, or the world itself.

Project S is available to wishlist now on Steam, but that’s not the game’s final title. Over time, Behaviour Interactive and Lunarch Studios will reveal more as and when it’s ready for fans to see. At the time of writing, the only firm release window for the game is 2023, though that could be more than a year away. What won’t change is the ability for players to explore and solve puzzles in Project S’ world alone or together. The puzzles have been built in a way that allows players to work them out solo but get the same sense of progression when working with a friend while exploring every island in the game’s mysterious world.