Bethesda announces new The Elder Scrolls Online Chapter and Global Reveal Event

Could ESO be heading for Highrock?

Image via The Elder Scrolls Online YouTube

Following yesterday’s sea storm teaser, Bethesda has released another longer teaser regarding The Elder Scrolls Online. The new video comes with concrete information, though. First, the reason for all this fuss is that a new Chapter is on the way. Second, the new Chapter will be revealed during a Global Reveal Event starting at 3 PM ET on Thursday, January 27. In the meantime, fans will just have to scour the 1-minute-and-3-second video for clues as to where the new Chapter might take place, what kind of a story arc it’s going to have, and how it might tie in with the much-anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI.

This scouring already started yesterday, with the mere mention of storms and sea being enough to prompt fans to assume that the Maormer sea elves will somehow be involved. There’s no Maormer in the new video, but plenty more sea, on which we see several mighty looking ships. So now fans are hoping that they’ll get to captain their very own ship in the next Chapter. Seems feasible.

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As for where the next Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online will take place, some fans reckon Yokuda, which is an archipelago west of the Tamriel mainland. Or at least it was. Others have argued that it can’t be Yokuda because Yokuda actually sank into the ocean long before The Elder Scrolls Online takes place. Another reasonable bet seems to be Highrock, which is a peninsula, and therefore almost as ripe for seafaring adventure as an archipelago. There’s also literally a very high rock in the video. Fortunately, we only have to wait until January 27 to have these questions answered.